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“Switching ourselves on” - creating an instantaneous change in ourselves

Wednesday November 14th, 2007 by fathersez

The Dough Roller wrote a great piece on “How to develop the habit of spending less than we make”.

“Spending less than we make” is the mother of all personal finance advise we can get or give.  

As the Dough Roller points out, it is more easily said than done. He goes on to give some specifics on how we can develop this habit. 

But what really piqued me was the comment given to this article by Damn TV. To quote him….” 

I went from being the worst student in my school at the age of 12, to graduating with over a 4.0 in high school.

The transformation began one day when my TV broke and I had nothing better to do than look at the pictures in my history book. Well, after looking at all the pictures, I started reading the stories that went along with them. To my surprise, the next day I knew all the answers to my teacher’s questions. My teacher was blown away by my 180 degree change. Seeing that I could be a top performer opened my true potential. Mind numbing TV is worthless (except for a few educational programs).


I can really identify with this. I used to hate and fear mathematics in school. One day, by chance, or by luck or by God knows what, I managed to solve a quadratic equation all by myself.  

Eureka! Voila! It was as if a switch had been turned on. I can still remember and feel the flush now, though more than a couple of decades have since passed. This switch, once turned on, also enabled me to ace the other subjects in school. 

The point I am trying to make is that all of us have a switch. A switch, if found, and turned on will make truly dramatic changes in our lives.  This switch changes all our feelings of “cannot do”, no matter how deeply or for how long ingrained, into an instant “can do”.  

Can we find that “switch?  

For some, external factors such as a specific statement made by someone, the happening of a particular event or even a family misfortune may be the “switch”. 

For others, having a “small victory” might switch them on to take on bigger battles and win. 

Brian Kim seems to think that we can find this switch.

He says that we should start by first creating a belief and coaxing and  convincing our sub conscious mind into believing that that we can. After that it should be easy. 

On the other hand, this calls for us to “want” to create that belief in the first place. Would this “want to create” be the switch?  

I don’t really know, but all of us should be aware that we have this “switch”, an inbuilt power to make dramatic changes in our lives and in an instant.  

Believe me. Damn TV and my experience are proofs.  

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