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2008 – the year for earning more

Thursday January 17th, 2008 by fathersez

I have acknowledged that 2007 was a year of a paradigm shift for me. 

With this has come the drive to be a lot more frugal, a lot more organized in managing our finances, and a stronger drive to earn more money. 

Two plans have been set in motion in 2008. 

Launch our goat farm 

My wife and I have long wanted to start this. Procrastination came naturally as we consoled each other that we had not found the “right piece of land”. In late 2007 all the pieces fell in place. 

A piece of land owned by relatives of my wife came available. This was the only “asset” the family had, so we did not make any attempts to offer to buy. Rather we proposed a joint venture and it was accepted. 

My wife and I provide the capital to start up and operate the farm. Zai, my wife’s cousin brother, (who had been planting mangoes on the land before this), will be handling the work on the ground and manage the farm when completed. 

The farm is taking shape now. The land has been cleared, fenced, access roads improved and the goat sheds are now in progress.  

We have targeted 1st April 08 as the completion date and have marked 5th April 08 as a date where we’ll have a small “kenduri or thanksgiving prayers” to launch the farm. 

A little on Zai and his family.  

His family consists of his grandma, his mother, his 3 sisters (one elder and 2 younger), his nephew and his children(two boys and a girl). His family has always been very close to us. His grandmother stayed with us and helped nurse our son and the little girls when they were born, whilst his mother is one of my wife’s closest confidants. (They have kindly agreed that the farm be named after my mother). 

My wife and I both know that Zai will do his best to make the farm a success. On our part, we have to make sure that there is adequate funding for the farm, and assist in marketing etc. 

Once a week, I drop by (about an hour drive from our home) to see the progress. So far it is looking good. 

The company in which I was literally gifted a 25% stake, has secured a  project in Indonesia. (I am writing this post from Jakarta).

This project is for the building and leasing of common telecommunication towers for the telecommunication operators in Indonesia.  

There are still a number of issues to be resolved, and the prospects look great. God Willing, we should be starting work around the same time as the farm is launched, i.e. beginning April 08.  

We have done our business plans for both these projects and there are some spin offs that can be created once these two take off. There is a lot to be done and 2008 looks like it is going to be a busy one. And also looks good for the wallet.  

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7 Comments for “2008 – the year for earning more”

by Along
On January 18, 2008
At 6:25 am

Insya Allah, Along will pray for papa’s success. Amin.

On January 18, 2008
At 12:02 pm

Thanks, Along.

by Rina
On January 19, 2008
At 4:38 am

It’s great that despite being busy and all you still devote time to update us with valuable materials. Wishing you a prosperous year ahead!

by fathersez
On January 19, 2008
At 7:34 pm

Thanks lah, Rina.

Hopefully 2008 will be a good year for all of us.

by Miss Xynix
On January 22, 2008
At 7:31 am

All the best!

by fathersez
On January 22, 2008
At 7:58 am

Ms. Xynix

Thank you for your kind wishes.

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