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5 Things that should be taught in schools - Part 1

Tuesday September 11th, 2007 by fathersez

I came across this very interesting article in :-


This well written article listed the following 5 issues that should be a must in every school. 

1. Personal Finance

2. Communicating Effectively

3. Social Skills

4. Sales Skills

5: Time Management

I agree wholeheartedly. Basic grounding in the above skills, would work wonders in making our young so much more rounded. These skills would certainly give them a head start in life. And what better place to start then in schools.

The whole concept of “school” should be to impart education and knowledge that should be of use in life.

I am no expert in education. However I can say with conviction that, I have never found any use for some of the things I had to learn such as differential equations, quadratic equations and convex and concave lenses….. hah!  I am also sure that I shall not have any use for these in future.

I would have loved to have been taught the above 5 skills in school, in a structured form. This would have made a real difference in my life.    

Instead as many others, I had to pick up these skills piecemeal as part of my life’s journey. In fact, I would dare say that a large number of us do not even realize that these skills can be learnt and are available to be learnt. Instead we just go about envying those guys who either have these skills by natural instinct or who have been lucky enough to have been taught them.   

It seems that many schools are now including some parts of these “LIFE SKILLS” and even more in their curriculum. Hooray for them! Better to be late than never.

What about those of our children who never went to such farsighted schools? What can we do for to help our children in such a situation? The school environment is accepted by our children as “a place where they are taught and the children are expected to learn.” Their minds are, in my view, a lot more receptive to learning in such an environment. It is not quite the same, when they are out of school and the “learning” has to be voluntary.

As parents, we have to find a way for our young to be educated in these vital life skills and in a way that would “switch” them on.

Let us explore these skills one by one and also look at how we, as parents, can assist in instilling these skills, or at least some basics of these skills in our children.

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One Comment for “5 Things that should be taught in schools - Part 1”

On January 27, 2008
At 7:00 pm

i agree. i think school was largely a waste of time, except for math and english. and for an excellent geography teacher for 2 years.

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