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5 Things that should be taught in schools - Part 4

Friday September 14th, 2007 by fathersez

Social Skills  

We, humans, are social beings, so having good social skills should be a given. A lack of these skills can contribute to us feeling isolated and lonely, whilst having great social skills helps us meet interesting people and progression in our careers and relationships, amongst lots of other benefits.  

Children lacking in these social skills withdraw into themselves. My “psychologist to be” daughter pointed out to me, that some of these children, being unable to express themselves, or handle the stress that they go through, keep their feelings bottled up and carry this discomfort into their adult lives. 

(My daughter has a fascination for child psychology and is majoring in this field.)

People with great social skills are called “sparkling”, “nice” and  “civilized” whilst the opposites are called “dull” to say the least. Social skills are not otherwise known as “people skills” for nothing. 

There are a number of skills that fall within this classification of social  skills. Skills, such as those below listed by :- 


Taking turns, Praising, Sharing, Asking for help, Using quiet voices, Participating equally, Staying on task, Saying kind things, Using names, Encouraging others, Patience, Communicating clearly, Accepting differences, Resolving conflicts, Following directions, Staying with the team, Sharing ideas, Sharing tasks, Celebrating successes, Helping others….etc.

Though our children are exposed to these skills in school, they are not really taught these skills formally. Most of them pick up these skills, over the years as they grow up. 

I believe that schools would do a great job at teaching these skills. And as parents, we too, have a duty to educate our children in these social skills at home.

This we do. Some by example, some by discussing and yet others by “blush”, yelling.

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