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5 Things that should be taught in schools - Part 5

Monday September 17th, 2007 by fathersez

Sales Skills   

We must all know people who can “talk birds down from trees” and also others who “can’t talk their way out of a paper bag.” 

These are “persuasion skills”, “convincing skills” or “sales skills” at work.   

We “sell” almost daily. A teenager may have to sell or convince his parents to allow him to go to a concert. A shopkeeper sells to his customers and so on.  

Some of us are blessed with good sales instincts. The rest of us just envy these guys and girls. Luckily some of this “rest of us”, realize one day that these skills can be learnt, though it may be, unfortunately, some time later in life.  

Why should this be so? 

Sales skills are so often used in life and it would be really useful to be taught them early in life.  

And school would be the best place and time to have been taught these sales skills, and its corollary of handling rejections. 

As children grow up, they pick up some sales skills along the way. They learn what would be the best way to convince Mama, Papa or the neighbor down the road. The “school of hard knocks” helps them along the way as they learn from experience on what works best and what does not.

My wife and I believe that our children have over the years picked up some basic sales skills. We do not have any plans for them to be sent for any formal sales courses.

However, we have taken them along to some of the MLM Opportunity Meetings we have attended, where part of the presentation is on sales skills and how to sell the products they promote.

As parents, what do you think we should do to give our children a grounding on sales skills? And when should we start? Or should we just let them learn by experience? 

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