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A great resource for part time jobs

Monday November 24th, 2008 by fathersez

A part time job can be a real God send. With prices of daily necessities rising and income levels dropping, a part time or a second job is what that saves the day. Then there are the more industrious amongst the students who use their spare time to do some part time work to line their pockets and to reduce the financial burden on their parents.  

Finding a part time job wasn’t all that easy. You had to know who was hiring. Some businesses advertised in the local classified and others just placed some banners around their shops or offices.  

The Internet has changed this.  Now we can search for part time opportunities by browsing the web, where there are a number of part time jobs / opportunities advertised.  

And one such portal is www.parttime.com.my.  You can log on and browse a number of advertisements. Many are for sales promoters, others are cashiers and sales assistants for the bigger supermarkets, and yet others are for trainers and tutors. And as can be expected some are for direct selling opportunities.   

The moderator / owner? seems to accept that some bums might use this portal to advertise non existent jobs either for scams or for some other dubious purposes. He (she?) has sought his readers and users to advise should such cases be detected.  

For a retired person, student, housewife or househusband with time on his or her hands, www.PartTime.com.my is a great place to start looking for something to do for additional income. 

My eldest daughter who is waiting to do her Masters would find this site very useful.

I think the owner has done a great job in creating this portal to link those looking for part time jobs and others looking for part timers.  I don’t know how his business model works but he should be earning more than his fair share of blessings from many.

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On December 7, 2008
At 6:42 pm

Great content and info here..

Kerja Sambilan

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