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A security system that Fort Knox would die for

Friday December 19th, 2008 by fathersez

I am sure that I am not alone in being concerned that a slowing economy would see increases in crimes like burglaries, snatch thefts and the like. In this present environment of widespread economic gloom and doom, people take extra protection to safeguard their properties.  Some keep guard dogs, others install alarm systems and yet others rely on some serious outside help. 

Last week, The Star, a Malaysian paper carried an almost unbelievable story. Titled “Burglar who picked the wrong house”, the story is about a burglar who broke into an unoccupied home cum grocery store (the owners had gone off on holiday) and found himself trapped and unable to get out.  

When the owners (a husband and wife team) returned, they found the burglar fatigued and dehydrated after spending 72 hours without food or water. To quote the burglar,

“I was blinded once I was inside and felt like I was in a cave. Each time I wanted to flee, I felt a ‘supernatural figure’ shoving me to the ground,’’


I got this picture from a story in the Clare Herald on three cavers being trapped. Fortunately the cavers were not in any danger.

This story is more likely than not to be believed and I am sure that the reporter and / or the paper will be receiving tons of calls and letters to find out the identity of the store owner and his mysterious and very effective security system.  

A fair number of Malaysians believe in the supernatural. After all, Muslims, who make up the majority of Malaysians, believe in supernatural beings or Jinns as stated in the Quran. I have heard many stories about people who have somehow managed to learn to control some of these Jinns, some for good use, perhaps like being a stern security guard, and others for not so good uses. 

The people in charge of Fort Knox’s security systems might do themselves some good by taking to the grocery store owners! 

The Fathersez family also has some unorthodox support in our home security system. We live in a gated community and there are security guards who patrol the area fairly frequently.  In addition we follow a tip that I read in one of Lillian Too’s books on Feng Shui. At night when we lock the doors, we place a broom against the front door. I haven’t the faintest idea what this means or what it is supposed to do.  

Surprisingly this “tip” had also been told to my wife by her grandmother. Of course, grandma did not learn this from Lillian, rather she must have followed her mother who in turn most probably learnt it from her mother.  

Also I have always loved those well kept aquariums with all the colourful fishes. Our attempts at rearing fishes have been miserable. Rather than giving up altogether, we opted for the climbing perch which is quite hardy and needs negligible maintenance. Apparently this ikan puyu or climbing perch, is also supposed to have some special powers in keeping “unwanted beings” away from our home. 

All I can say is that, by the Grace of the All Mighty, our house’s security system has worked, so far, at least!

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One Comment for “A security system that Fort Knox would die for”

On January 26, 2010
At 2:03 pm

Yes Malaysians of all races believe that the Ikan Puyu apparently keeps evil spirits and ghosts away. Read this

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