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A (very) belated round up for the week ending 20 March 08

Monday March 31st, 2008 by fathersez

The week that ended the 20th March 2008 will be forever etched in my heart and mind.  

My mother passed away at 7.40 pm on the 19th. My brothers, sister and I are still coming to terms with this.  My enthusiasm for a number of things seems to have waned, including blogging.

I hope that eventually everything will settle down, God Willing.  

On a brighter note, Free Money Finance kindly gave me an opportunity to guest post on his well regarded site. I wrote a piece on how I intend to quit the rat race. So far, my plan seems to be on track.  Thanks again, FMF.  

And these are the posts, I found interesting, useful or different, from the blogosphere. They are listed in no particular order.

Agentsully interviews Barry Moltz, the writer of a business book, “Bounce”. She believes this book should be a must for anyone wanting to start a business, whether or not one is afraid of failure.

I particularly liked the statement, “How Process Trumps Outcome”. The more we keep doing the right thing, the eventual outcome will be as desired, irrespective of the occasional hiccups. This is exactly what I am bent on doing now to battling the listlessness that seems to have crept into me. 

Dumb Little Man talks about what to do when we make a mistake at work. In his case, it was a BIG mistake. He outlines the steps he took, starting with the most important…accepting responsibility and taking immediate steps to remedy the mistake. This is sound advice, as too many of us look immediately towards blaming someone. (This step is, thankfully, NOT in the wise DLM’s list!)  

This guest post by Bob Roth in Vanessa’s blog has a strong message for me to pass on to my daughters. Bob reminds us that we need to excel in 3 areas to find success after college life.  Thanks, Bob for sharing.   

If a contest is ever held to summarize this extraordinary story of Mike and Mr. Cheap into one line, I think “Mike and Mr. Cheap meet up with their old buddy, Bill Gates”, may have a chance. 

Why don’t you read the story yourself and see if what I say makes sense. (Only then should you read its sequel.) 

My Two Dollars wrote about the IMF planning to use taxpayers’ money to shore up the financial system. It looks like the IMF is taking a different stand from their policies during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997/1998. Then, their stand was that market forces should have their way. 

I have some bones to pick with some of the policies of my former Prime Minister. However, on his handling of the Malaysian part of the AFC, (when he went head on against the wishes of the IMF), I salute him.  

And MTD’s grandmother has sounded a dire warning. She is saying that current events seem similar to those leading to the Great Depression. 

I’ll have to revisit a post I wrote not too long ago. I hope that I am dead wrong in my predictions. 

I participated in the Carnival of Family Life and the Carnival of Personal Finance, both of which have been themed as St. Patrick’s Day Editions.  As usual, both the Carnivals have a busload of great articles. I must admit that I have yet to do proper justice to the articles presented at either of these Carnivals.  

The respective hosts, Ms. JHS at Colloquium and Ms. Lynnae at Being Frugal have been their usual superlative best as hosts. 

My mind shut down on blogging sometime on the 17th or so, hence I must have missed many other great articles. And my Google Reader is overflowing. Hopefully by this time next week, I should be back to my normal schedule.  

Take care, and tell your loved ones that you love them. Do it now! The opportunity may be taken away from us more suddenly than we think!

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4 Comments for “A (very) belated round up for the week ending 20 March 08”

On March 31, 2008
At 9:19 pm

I’ve very sorry to hear about your mother.


by David
On April 1, 2008
At 1:02 am

I am so sorry to hear about your mother.

On April 1, 2008
At 10:07 am

Mike and David,

Thank you.

by JHS
On April 1, 2008
At 12:36 pm

My condolences on the loss of your mother. A difficult thing, no matter what the circumstances. Be kind and gentle with yourself . . . life will get back to what will be the new normal for you, but it takes time. Blogging can wait while you process everything or, perhaps, serve as good therapy, depending upon your needs. Your concluding message is a good reminder for all of your readers. Thanks for sharing it. Be well.

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