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A visit to the northernmost tip of Borneo

Wednesday February 11th, 2009 by fathersez

 The huge island of Borneo consists of Sabah and Sarawak which are both part of Malaysia, the independent oil rich country of Brunei and Kalimantan, which is part of Indonesia. 

Last week I was in Sabah, and finding some time, took a drive to Kudat, the largest town at the nothernmost tip of Borneo. The tip has been marked out as latitude 7 deg N and longtitude 116 degrees E.  The drive was very pleasant, as Sabah is still largely a richly forested State. We passed through the town of Kota Belud, a town famed for its once yearly mother of all “tamu’s”.  

Kudat is about 100 kilometres from Kota Belud and we have to take a turning just before Kudat town to go to the place called Tanjung Simpang Mengayau. This means lingering junction as this is where the South China Sea meets the Sulu Sea. 

This spot has been marked by the Sabah Tourism Authorities with a giant bronze sphere and is also marketed as an important sight to visitors coming to Sabah. Though I have been to Sabah many times, I never knew that this spot was worth visiting. Shows how changed my mindset is these days! 


The globe marking the spot!


An enlarged view

We did not wait to see the sunset as we had to get back to Kota Kinabalu before dark. The view from the viewing galleries was spectacular and the sky was at its prettiest and clearest blue.  The beach was a stretch of clear waters meeting pure sand, any family’s dream of a picnic spot. Unfortunately at the time we visited the beach was deserted.


The fantastic beach where the South China Sea meets the shores of Sabah

There was also a marine police beat base, as the some of the islands of the Philippines are very near. I guess the marine police base is supposed to keep an eye out for illegal migrants. 


I suppose the tip of this rock outcrop must be “THE TIP”

I enjoyed the visit, more as a “I have been there kind of notch”. Still I would like to make another visit one of these days and perhaps try out the very inviting beach.

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5 Comments for “A visit to the northernmost tip of Borneo”

by MissXynix
On February 12, 2009
At 12:22 am

Miss you daddy cool :’(

by mamadou
On February 12, 2009
At 9:57 am

Pak. Your post really enlightened me. We have a beautiful country and you described it very well. Well done

On February 12, 2009
At 3:38 pm

Thanks lah, Pak for dropping by.

I enjoyed the trip and look forward to more trips in future. We must really see more of this beautiful country of ours.


by Sobrina
On May 11, 2009
At 11:09 am

Hello, :) How would you rate Kota Kinabalu? And are there any specific hotels or resorts you would recommend? Thanks!

On May 15, 2009
At 8:13 pm

Hi, Sobrina,

This is an interesting question. Rate in terms of what, cost. entertainment, nature, ease of transportation?

Let me know if I can be of help.

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