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Applying 5 S Methodology, the cornerstone of Japanese lean manufacturing strength in our daily lives – Part 2

Tuesday June 17th, 2008 by fathersez


What do you want your life to look like…organized or diorganized?

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Last week we talked about “SEIRI”, the 1st “S” of the 5S methodology that forms the cornerstone of Japanese manufacturing practices. 

Consistent practice and application of the 5 S Methodology helps to form a strong foundation for our journey into continuous incremental improvements in our workplace, homes and lives.  

Today let’s look at the 2nd “S”. 

As quoted from SiliconFarEast.com


Seiton, or orderliness, is all about efficiency.  This step consists of putting everything in an assigned place so that it can be accessed or retrieved quickly, as well as returned to that same place after use.  If everyone has quick access to an item or materials, work flow becomes efficient, and the worker becomes productive. 

The correct place, position, or holder for every tool, item, or material must be chosen carefully in relation to how the work will be performed and who will use them.  Every single item must be allocated its own place for safekeeping, and each location must be labeled for easy identification of what it’s for.  

All of us must have at one time another seen some workshop, where more time is spent in looking for tools or parts than actually doing the service.  Examples may be motor workshops with wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers strewn all over the workshop floor. The mechanic will be spending time looking for spanners and pliers amongst a disorganized pile of tools. 

Other examples may be we ourselves spending time looking for car keys, remote controls, the fever medicine that we are sure we have, etc. 

Time wasting and unproductive activities done only because we did not store or keep them in their assigned places.                        

It is clear SEITON has its place in our daily lives, in our workplaces and our homes. 

The more established blogs have written about the usefulness of organization in our lives. I don’t think I can do better, so I am providing the links. 

a) Clever Dude’s guest post on Five Cent Nickel on organizing one aspect, i.e. tax records, 

b) Get Rich Slowly talks about how keeping everything in its place helps in organizing our finances, 

c) Dumb Little Man’s excellent write up on the 7 secrets of the super organized and

d) The Simple Dollar’s take on the value of getting organized. 

Make an attempt to be organized.  

Keeping everything back in its rightful place after use is a step that we should practice as a matter of course.  

This is SEITON at its best.

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