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Applying 5 S Methodology, the cornerstone of Japanese lean manufacturing strength in our daily lives – Part 3

Thursday July 3rd, 2008 by fathersez

Continuing our series on 5 S….. as consistent practice and application of the 5 S Methodology helps to form a strong foundation for our journey into continuous incremental improvements in our workplace, homes and lives.  

We have already covered SEIRI and SEITON.

Let’s now look at the 3rd S, SEISO, as quoted from SiliconFarEast.com

SEISO, the third step in “5S”, says that ‘everyone is a janitor.’  SEISO consists of cleaning up the workplace and giving it a ’shine’.  Cleaning must be done by everyone in the organization, from operators to managers. It would be a good idea to have every area of the workplace assigned to a person or group of persons for cleaning. No area should be left uncleaned. Everyone should see the ‘workplace’ through the eyes of a visitor - always thinking if it is clean enough to make a good impression.

This is so self explanatory, don’t you think?.

We should look at everything and everyplace from the view point of a visitor. Is the place clean enough? Can the place be cleaner?

I think no one can possibly dispute the benefits of having a clean environment. Be it workplace, the home or the community. Rather than letting the place go all year around, and then having one massive clean up every once in a while, SEISO calls for continuous cleanliness.

A little cleaning a day, made even littler since it is done by everyone, would make even the fabled Aegean stables as clean as a whistle.

Malaysians are notorious for not maintaining their environments. We do have some redeeming features though. The famous Gotong Royong, where everyone pitches in to participate in a community activity, which is understandably more often than not a community clean up.            


A community clean up operation in progress…Indonesia. (Image credit: Google) 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness….it has been said…..very wisely I think.

Let us practice SEISO everyday, and do our part in keeping our homes, workplaces, ourselves and our environments clean.

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