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Applying 5 S Methodology, the cornerstone of Japanese lean manufacturing strength in our daily lives – Part 3

Posted By fathersez On July 3, 2008 @ 6:28 pm In Self Improvement

Continuing our series on 5 S….. as consistent practice and application of the 5 S Methodology helps to form a strong foundation for our journey into continuous incremental improvements in our workplace, homes and lives.  

We have already covered [1] SEIRI and [2] SEITON.

Let’s now look at the [3] 3rd S, SEISO, as quoted from SiliconFarEast.com

SEISO, the third step in “5S”, says that ‘everyone is a janitor.’  SEISO consists of cleaning up the workplace and giving it a ’shine’.  Cleaning must be done by everyone in the organization, from operators to managers. It would be a good idea to have every area of the workplace assigned to a person or group of persons for cleaning. No area should be left uncleaned. Everyone should see the ‘workplace’ through the eyes of a visitor - always thinking if it is clean enough to make a good impression.

This is so self explanatory, don’t you think?.

We should look at everything and everyplace from the view point of a visitor. Is the place clean enough? Can the place be cleaner?

I think no one can possibly dispute the benefits of having a clean environment. Be it workplace, the home or the community. Rather than letting the place go all year around, and then having one massive clean up every once in a while, SEISO calls for continuous cleanliness.

A little cleaning a day, made even littler since it is done by everyone, would make even the fabled Aegean stables as clean as a whistle.

Malaysians are notorious for not maintaining their environments. We do have some redeeming features though. The famous Gotong Royong, where everyone pitches in to participate in a community activity, which is understandably more often than not a community clean up.            


A community clean up operation in progress…Indonesia. (Image credit: Google) 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness….it has been said…..very wisely I think.

Let us practice SEISO everyday, and do our part in keeping our homes, workplaces, ourselves and our environments clean.

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