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Applying the Bengkang Theory on our goat farm

Monday June 16th, 2008 by fathersez

Some years ago I worked for a boss who was one of the best communicators I have ever known. He could colourfully describe almost any management fad or theory in such a simple manner that anyone could understand.    

His description of getting ISO certification was his “Bengkang Theory”. No Malaysian can profess not knowing what a “bengkang” is. It is a local Malaysian delicacy served at almost every function, and we have busloads of functions all year around.  

A Malaysian delicacy……..a bengkang cake.  For a recipe, please check out this site.

My former boss’s theory was that: 

If the correct and required amount of ingredients are listed, and the way to mixing them up shown clearly, and the temperature setting of the oven and time needed in the oven are stated, then any body could make a “Bengkang”. 

So relatively complicated tasks can be simplified in such a manner that novices can produce the desired results on a consistent basis. 

And for our goat farm, we intend to implement and practice this Bengkang Theory.  

The farm will be manned by workers who do not have degrees or diplomas. The workers would be just normal people with basic intelligence and perhaps a lot more street smarts than the most of us who read blogs like this one. 

My intention is :- 

a)    Sit with the workers and prepare simple drawings of the basic work flow and processes. 

b)    Go through with the workers on these processes until there is complete and clear understanding. 

c)     Prepare checklists for the repetitive work to be done daily, weekly and monthly. And let them have the freedom to simplify the work processes as they go along. These simplified processes, once agreed upon to be re-documented and the process repeated.  

The primary goal is to keep the goat sheds scrupulously clean, and the goats well fed, healthy and reproducing profusely.  

If we get this right….the rest should be easy.  Time will tell.        

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