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Buildings and structures that have really moved me – The Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Monday September 8th, 2008 by fathersez

As one of the seven wonders of the world, almost everyone has heard of the Taj Mahal. And I, too, had heard about it and read about it as part of our history lessons whilst in school.

It was in October 2005 or so that I finally got to see the Taj Mahal. My contract in India was coming to an end and together with a friend we drove up to Agra from Delhi.  The drive was quite uneventful. I remember that we had to park the car some distance away and use either horse carts or an electric shuttle to be taken to the Taj’s grounds.  


I can never ever forget the feelings I had when I saw the Taj for the first time. Quite simply, it was about the most beautiful and exquisite building I had ever seen.     

I shall not talk about the history or the intricate designs of the Taj here. There are far better write ups done including one by Wikipedia.

It’s also said that the Taj shows different views depending on the time of day and day of the year. We were unlucky not to have gotten either the rising or the setting sun view.  

Still as I sat and gazed at the Taj Mahal, the building that took so many years to complete, many thoughts swirled through my mind. The ultimate symbol of love ever built. Unfortunately Mumtaz Mahal, the object of this love never got to see it. 

In a cruel twist of fate, Emperor Shah Jahan was deposed by one of his sons, Aurangzeb and kept under house imprisonment in a room in the Agra Fort. The room had a view of the Taj Mahal and many believe that the once mighty king finally died of a broken heart. 

Well, Shah Jahan, Mumtaz, Aurangzeb, the architects, designers, craftsmen and workers are all now long gone. And perhaps no one will ever be able to truly understand and appreciate the enormity of the task of building the Taj Mahal. 

But the exquisite building still stands. Still mesmerising as many with its beauty now as then.      


A Boy from India has written about the Taj and a “duplicate copy” built by the grandson of Shah Jahan in memory of his mother. I did not know about this. The picture of the Taj is also from this blog.

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