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Buying my daughter a car…her first

Friday November 7th, 2008 by fathersez

My brother bought me my ever first car. I had completed my studies and was then working in an audit firm. The car was a used Mazda Capella and it cost a princely RM3,800 (about USD 1,100 at current exchange rates).

I have no idea from whom my brother bought the car or what rules he applied when he bought it.  

I do remember that those days, I was not very confident of driving. The road to my office had some slight hills where cars would be lined up in the traffic jams. I had my fears about being able to balance the clutch whilst uphill or downhill so I used to get to work so early that I was about the only one on the road.  

I also remember that my brother (who did not even have a driving license then) never made a big deal about this “gift”. He just presented me with the car. 

And this yellow Mazda Capella was the first car anyone in my family ever owned. Since then I have bought 4 other used cars. Three have been sold and the fourth is now being used at our goat farm by Zai.  I have been relatively lucky in the used car purchases. I am quite a dunggu when it comes to cars and by sheer luck have escaped relatively unscathed.  


A 1970 Mazda Capella. The first car ever owned by anyone in my family, although ours did not look anywhere as perky and shiny as this car looks.

Picture Credit: www.dbmathews.com/mazda.shtml  

Now that my two elder girls are moving in together and the eldest girl’s place of work is too far to walk and is not served by public transport (other than taxis), my wife and I decided to buy her a car. 

We decided it would be a used one and small (to save on petrol and make it easy for parking). We also decided that it would be one with an automatic gear shift. (Malaysia still produces manual shift cars!) Then we enlisted the help of one of my wife’s cousins, Zali, who is an auto mechanic. 

Zali checked out the used car dealers he knew and found one that fit our specifications. He checked out the car and pronounced it well maintained. The mileage was about 86,000 kms for the 10 years old car. 


A Perodua Kancil - my daughter’s first ever car

Picture Credit: Google 

So we have signed up and paid for the car. It’ll take a couple of days for the transfer to my daughter’s name as well as the required mandatory check by the Authorities to confirm that it is road worthy. 

When the car is collected, Zali will be showing my daughter, Aliaa or Along as we call her, some basic car maintenance tips such as water and oil checks and keeping the tires properly inflated etc.  Along will also maintain a car log book just like we do. She’ll be logging the time, destination, start mileage and end mileage readings each time she uses the car. Whenever she refills petrol, the amount will also be entered into the log book. 

I have also emailed Aliaa the URL of a driving school that does a one day class called SmartWoman Driving Course. She’ll check it up and should sign up for it sometime in December. 

Unlike the time when my brother gave me my first car, my daughter’s car is coming with some strings attached. There are some rules, some do’s and don’ts. We have talked about these rules and my daughter has given her agreement.  

My wife and I are sure that she’ll handle this car, her first major physical asset responsibly. And Insya’Allah, the car will not turn out a lemon.

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