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Can bloggers do more for world peace than politicians have ever done?

Monday January 19th, 2009 by fathersez


I ask this question because most politicians get elected on the premise that they represent certain groups. By definition this might result in having to oppose the requirements of other groups, even if it is the right thing to do.  

And there is no country in this world which is made up of one group. Hence politics is not going to resolve the so important issue of world peace and understanding.  

So what can be the best mechanism to promote peace and tolerance in this world? I suppose though there cannot be any single answer, a better understanding of each other might do a lot of help.  A major factor creating these schisms is religion. So why not every world citizen who wants peace and better understanding try to understand his fellow human being better by trying to understand their religious beliefs.  

Malaysia is a multi cultural and multi religious country. Despite growing up with friends from other religions, many of us do not have a real clue about the religious beliefs of their neighbours, fellow colleagues and friends. What if followers of every religion took it upon themselves to, at least, try to gather an understanding of other religions? Would this act help in promoting better understanding? I don’t really know, but my feeling is that it would. 

I believe that the blogging community is set to take its rightful place (if not already) as the strongest influencer of people’s opinions. Thus can bloggers take it upon themselves to promote a movement on this?  After all bloggers have done this before. People like Leo have promoted the “Pay it forward” movement. Tim Ferriss is promoting his “4 hour Workweek” to his considerable following. Lynnae is forging ahead with her mission to impart the habit of frugality to the rest of the world.  

I am all for this movement started by some Malaysian bloggers, here and also here on “Reading the Quran”. Yes, it may seem biased that I am a Muslim. 

Still I am an avid follower and admirer of Gather Little by Little, Free Money Finance, and lots of other blogs that are run by fine Christians. While their principal messages are on personal financial management, they make no bones about their spiritual leanings and how this helps them in strengthening their resolve in meeting their life goals. 

So what say you? I have joined the “Read the Quran” movement. Can one of the other blogs out there start a “Read the Bible”, “Read the Guru Granth Sahib” or “Read the Tao te Ching” movement? 

I, for one, shall certainly join these movements And I dare say that if these movements gather traction, we would have done more towards promoting world peace and understanding than any politician has ever done.  

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