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Carnival of Personal Finance – the second last one for the year

Tuesday December 18th, 2007 by fathersez

JD at get Rich Slowly has just hosted the 131st Carnival of Personal Finance. 131st Carnival of Personal Finance.

It must have been really tough to pick out the articles for his choice of Editor Picks. There were 89 articles listed, after some were left out for not meeting JD’s participation qualifications.

His choices for the best are :-

a)                Reading (and Understanding) the “Fine Print”

An inside look, (by sshhh…an insider, no less), on how the banks may hoodwink us by giving us pages and pages of fine print to sign, knowing jolly well, that only about 10% will read and only 5% will understand.

b)                Introducing the Smiths…  

A very practical look at how we may judge others and how others may judge us with incomplete or wrong information.And, of course, arrive at wrong conclusions.

c)                 Five Golden rules for snowflaking 

A great guide on putting little sums of money earned or saved directly into paying off debt, before they “melt” off like a snowflake.As we say in our country, “little by little for long enough, it becomes a mountain.”

d)                Shooting Down Goals

The Four Pillars offers his opinion that a goal needs an outcome that must be controllable by the goal setter. Otherwise it becomes a wish and that we should not lose sleep when we don’t achieve such a wish.This is an interesting twist that should make us think much harder on how we word our goals.

e)                The Silicon Valley Blogger lays out her cards on her plans for retiring early.

This was just a seed of a thought for her until an office tragedy changed everything.This post is one of my personal favorites as the subject matter is something so close to my heart.

f)                  4 basic steps to jump start your financial future.

The MoneyBlueBook gives this account of a dinner conversation with a good friend which ended up with him giving his friend these 4 steps.

g)                Overspending for your kids 

Posts with titles like this draw my attention like honey draws bees. With 5 kids of my own, you can understand why. Flexo of CC lists an example of a family with a children spending plan much like carrying water up a long flight of stairs using a pail with 20 holes in it.       

h)                My Family mission statement’s statement on money

This is a post by “ahem, ahem, you know who.”. I am happy to say that JD thought it fit to list this amongst his picks. Why don’t you check it out?

These 8 stories are by no means all that are presented at this Carnival. There are another 81. JD has also cleverly thought of a way for us to rest our eyes and have a good laugh, guffaw or giggle or two when going through the articles. He has picked 6 classic cartoons for our light entertainment. Looks like the only thing he missed was handing out some snacks.

Have a great time at the Carnival.

Happy Holidays!

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On December 18, 2007
At 8:08 pm

Hey, thanks for the link!


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