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A really neat business – making good old collector type of cars

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Every Friday, my son and I pass by this double story shophouse on the way to the mosque for Friday prayers. I have never seen the shop opened or busy. The shutters are always down. 

What I see is different cars, all junks from perhaps about 25 – 30 years ago. They must have been transported on the back of other lorries and unloaded here, as none of them look capable of moving on their own. 


Some of the cars. This one must be at least 35 years old. 

I believe (it’s just an educated guess, since I have never talked to the owner or operator) that the operator buys these old junks, repairs them and paints them till they look like new and then sell them.  He seems to specialise in Mini Minors as you can see from the pictures. I have not seen the repaired and done up cars either. 


These old junks must have been lying somewhere, getting rusty and a general pain in the neck for the owner or his heirs. There must be a system used to scout for these cars. I am not sure if there is someone who specialises in stocking cars like these and selling them. 

I wish I had these kinds of skills. Skills to make good old junks and get them road worthy again. I am sure the equipment needed should not be prohibitive. 

I am going to continue watching and hopefully one day I get a chance to talk and understand the owner’s business model better.  

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