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Cool skills to have / habits to form for personal development - Handyman skills

Tuesday February 12th, 2008 by fathersez

Wikipedia’s definition of a handyman is a person competent in a variety of trade skills, inventive/ingenious repair, and maintenance work.

We must all know these kind of people. People who have their weekends full repairing various parts of the house or building extensions like car porches and such. Lighting fixtures, plumbing work, window replacements are all a breeze.

Others (like me) have to pay someone to do it.

Handyman skills have been underrated for some time, though there may now be a resurgence as shown by the popularity of DIY items in outlets like Home Depot etc. 

Popular Mechanics wrote about this in their October 2007 issue.

The savings the families rack up in having a handyman in the family is incredible. Emily of Remodeling this Life estimates her family’s savings at almost USD100,000, and still counting. And if we take into consideration the fact that a $ saved is better than a $ earned, these amounts seriously mount up.

There are now many resources available for us to learn these skills. TV programs, websites, books and classes.  All we need is interest and willingness to invest and learn.

Handyman skills can also be easily leveraged into a ready source of  side income. Lawn services, housing repair jobs, plumbing jobs, lighting and air conditioning jobetc. should be quite easily available in most of our immediate neighbourhoods.

These skills are also handy for those of us in real estate, who buy, rehab and flip homes.

My father in law is an outstanding handyman. When we purchased our first home a number of years ago, he built us a retaining wall and did all the minor repairs. He is quite advanced in age now, otherwise he would be a great partner in a “handyman business” that I often yearn to set up.

Now one of my wife’s many uncles helps us out with home repairs, plumbing works and sometimes electrical work.  

In school, we had classes called “Industrial Arts”, where we were taught skills in handling the basic carpentry tools. I was never good at this and can still remember being fascinated by the elegant pieces of furniture some of my classmates could craft up.

Want to rate yourself. Have a look at the 25 items Popular Mechanics has listed in their choice of skills everyman must know.

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4 Comments for “Cool skills to have / habits to form for personal development - Handyman skills”

by cashmoneylife
On February 12, 2008
At 9:01 pm

Being a handyman can be an art form at times. I am by no means an expert, but I learned a fair amount a few years back. It is very nice to be able to do basic repairs around the house, but I can not do everything.

Thanks for the mention! :)

by fathersez
On February 12, 2008
At 9:19 pm

Hi, Patrick,

Being in the armed forces has its advantages. I am sure you’ll be more handy around the house
than the most of us.

Thanks for dropping by.

Best regards

by Emily
On February 12, 2008
At 9:52 pm

Thank you for the mention and for touting the value of DIY. I really think it’s undervalued in this fast-paced pay someone else to do it so I don’t have to society. The things our grandparents did as everyday jobs are taken for granted by so many today. Great post and I will be sure to check out that article! I am sure hubby will appreciate it very much :)
Oh and for houses - This Old House magazine is really excellent for how-tos on a lot of home repairs.

by fathersez
On February 13, 2008
At 9:03 am

Hi, Emily,

Apparently one of the reasons people pay others to do this work is because they want to spend more quality time with family.

I wonder of doing a DIY project would be even more quality time.


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