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Cool skills to learn / habits to form for personal development – learning Qi Qong

Tuesday December 18th, 2007 by fathersez

Health is wealth. So true, but so unappreciated.  

So many of us spend plenty of time chasing the elusive $ to add to our bank accounts, chasing the next promotion, queue up for the “to die for” I pod, but exercise is not in the list. 

Like other really important matters in life, exercise is never urgent. The ill effects of not exercising creep up on us, slowly but ever so surely. 

And like so many people before me and I am sure many people after me, I have set goals to exercise but never went anywhere near meeting these goals. The motivation was just not there….and why? Exercise is important but not urgent. 

This year 2007 is a paradigm shift year for me. The year I conquered another unmet goal of many years. I believe I now have the habit of early rising.  

Now I feel ready, willing and able to take on and overcome this exercising goal. 

I shall go for morning walks at least 4 times a week. The neighborhood I live in is a great place for morning walks. Cool, quiet, and one round will take me about 3.5 km.  I have fortified myself with “overcome my lethargy” tips and guides given by Zen Habits here and here.

Second, I shall learn Qi Qong. 

This ancient Chinese art is well explained by Wikipedia.  

What really motivated me to want to take on this art is this great book “Indispensable Qi Gong” by Joan Foo Mahony. A former high flying international lawyer, she discovered during medical tests done after a ice skating accident that her bone density was 60% of a normal woman her age. 

Batteries of complicated medical tests done in the US did not give any insight on how to resolve this. It was finally her taking on the practice of Qi Gong that she fully recovered. 

The book is written for those of us who are on the go and do not have much time for exercising.  She lists a number of simple exercises that can be done whilst commuting (by plane, train, bus or driving), whilst watching TV, whilst at the computer and even whilst doing housework. 

In Malaysia, a common early morning sight at almost all our public parks, is groups of people, many of them chronologically well advanced in age, gracefully going through the steps. Slowly and almost effortlessly, as the age old exercise works on all the right places.  

The saying that you can fool all the people some of the time may be true. Somehow I don’t think it applies to the millions of Chinese practicing Qi Qong in one form or another over the last 3,000 years or so. 

A major goal for me for 2008 – learning and practicing Qi Qong, my supplement for exercise and better health.


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