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Cool skills to learn/Habits to form for personal development – Learning how to cook

Monday January 14th, 2008 by fathersez

You think this skill is not cool? Or do you think this has nothing to do with personal development? 

Hear me out. 

If there ever was a skill that is easy to learn, a skill that would save you tons of time, a skill that would save and / or earn you money and a skill that will make you as cool as anything else can, it is cooking. 

Cooking used to be a skill that almost everyone learnt as part of growing up. Now with so many parents working, time for cooking is less available, and is easily replaced with fast foods and take-aways.   

As a result, many children are growing up not having this useful skill. Just see the benefits: 

a)    Cooking at home, taking lunch to work, planning our meals a week in advance, etc., are all rated up there, not only in the world of personal finance, but also in the world of healthier living. 

This alone should rate cooking skills as a must have. 

b)    Flexibility in being posted overseas. In 1998, a bunch of us turned up in Ghana to work. Food was something that we did not put much thought on. (We were a small company, not a huge conglomerate that would have had checklists for these kinds of things.) 

Ghanaian local cuisine was not something that many of us could adapt to. Meals at hotels and restaurants were not affordable as an option for meals. Thank God, we managed to find house maids, who could cook   some basic food that we were used to. 

c)     As we all must know, restaurants that serve good food are a great way to make money. So knowing how to cook opens up yet another option for earning money. 

d)    In many of the movies that I have seen, the line that seems to impress the ladies the most is the hero coolly explaining to his date, (after serving her an excellent meal), that he cooked it. I strongly suspect this spills over into real life.

e)    Restaurants generally do not make food with our health in mind. They usually serve what is saleable, what makes money for them and what is easy to prepare and serve.  Knowing how to cook would assist us tremendously in selecting better ingredients and making far healthier food. 

f)      Just like we like frequenting restaurants that have a reputation for serving good food, we look forward to visiting relatives and friends who serve delicious stuff. The great cook has a great way to widen and strengthen his/her network! 

I have a young friend who likes food and his wife is an excellent cook. Together they are now planning to launch a small catering service, whilst he still holds on to his full time job.  

I have no doubt that with cooking skills getting to be less and less common and with my friend’s passion for food, his venture will grow from strength to strength.                                                       

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7 Comments for “Cool skills to learn/Habits to form for personal development – Learning how to cook”

by Brooke
On January 14, 2008
At 7:13 pm

YES…the ladies find it extremely attractive if a man can cook. Do you want to know why? We are thinking ahead! After marriage, if we know you can whip yourself up something to eat, it’ll be one less thing we have to worry about.

You’re so right about restaurants. One of the ways we can convince ourselves in our house to go out to eat less is by telling ourselves that the guys in the back don’t wash their hands, either! It’s probably not always true, but it’s a good way to avoid spending tons of money on food that’s a) not good for us and b) has super-over-inflated prices!

by Ottayan
On January 14, 2008
At 8:45 pm

Cooking is indeed a useful skill. One should atleast know the basics.

by journeyofthefree
On January 14, 2008
At 11:03 pm

I completely agree with you there. The only problem that I can think of is a good cook will cook for him/herself the food that he/she likes. If this happens to be a high fat, high colestrol, high sugar, high uric acid etc stuff…. then may be he/she is not that sexy anymore he heeee…

by fathersez
On January 15, 2008
At 9:34 am

Ah! Brooke…

Thanks for confirming this story. Now I can publicise the “secret of winning ladies’ hearts.”

by fathersez
On January 15, 2008
At 9:37 am


Thanks for dropping by.

Even in far away Ghana, a lady from India runs a thriving restaurant called “Haveli”.

And a chinese couple have made enough money from their restaurant to send their 3 children for tertiary education in Canada.

You are right, we should learn at least the basics.

by fathersez
On January 15, 2008
At 9:39 am

Journey of the Free,

Actually it is not a problem. If that’s the food one likes, they will search for it anyway and pay more to have the same in a restaurant.

At least by cooking yourself, one problem we can solve is …”it will be cheaper.”

On January 15, 2008
At 11:32 am

I really love learning to cook. It’s so much less expensive…what we spend for a week of food costs less than one dinner at a niceish restaurant or two dinners at ok ones or 4 dinners with fast-food (and our food budget includes lunches).

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