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Cosmetics – Is there a way to lighten this outflow from many a lady’s wallet?

Thursday November 29th, 2007 by fathersez

Sometime ago we talked about preparing our children for the onslaught of advertising that they would face daily in their lives.  

Billboards, newspapers, magazines, TV, internet ads – the advertising industry is a mighty formidable one.  The basic premise is that without using or owning the product being advertised, we are inferior in some way…..and their product would fix this. 

There are many ads for some really useful products, but, many, many more needless ones. 

One big sector is cosmetics, and as parents of 4 girls, my wife and I have to address this.  

In the days of old, almost all cosmetics were based on folk remedies and very light on the budgets. Not anymore.  For a young girl starting off in her career, where she would be mixing with mature men and ladies, the pressure to look good (as in air brushed cover girl good) is incredible.

A significant part of the monthly budget goes into buying cosmetics. What about going back to the days of old?  Those days when home  remedies and natural cosmetics were the norm. The ladies of old were as lovely as any of the models that we see today on glossy magazine covers. 

Even some doctors are advising us not to spend too much on personal care products. Read the Frugal Duchess’ story on this here.  

Will my daughters even consider this option at all? How do we start?  

There are resources such as Indian Home Remedies and books like Natural Beauty at Home, More than 250 Easy to use Recipes for Body, Bath and Hair. 

I suppose this is something they have to be comfortable with. As parents, we just want to point out to them that there are other cheaper and possibly better options to just buying the latest cosmetic that is advertised.

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5 Comments for “Cosmetics – Is there a way to lighten this outflow from many a lady’s wallet?”

On November 29, 2007
At 11:56 am

Thanks for the mention.
Your daughters (4 of them!!) are lucky to have you as a parent.
This is a very thoughtful post and I am honored to be mentioned.

by fathersez
On November 29, 2007
At 12:22 pm

Thanks, Sharon.

Hope my girls understand that my wife and I only want the best for them.

On November 29, 2007
At 10:23 pm

How old are your girls? If they are in their teens and were already consuming significant amount of skin care and cosmetic products, perhaps that most practical thing to do is simply set a particular budget. Buy only when necessary or if there are special occasions especially when it comes in buying new shade of lipsticks or new scents of cologne.


by fathersez
On November 29, 2007
At 11:08 pm

Thanks, Althea for your comments.

The elder girls are in their final year of University. (and close to being cut off from their monthly allowances.)

They will have to think carefully on how and how much they will spend on cosmetics. And I hope they will read your comments and check out your website.

by dadude
On November 30, 2007
At 8:45 am

There is also this other habit that women have that i observed. As the saying goes, ‘women will spend $2 on something that they dont need that is worth only $1′. I.e fancy hair clip, that pack of cosmetic brushes and comes with free nylon hand bag, that glossy beauty magazine with tips that you have seen again and again, that 13th pair of shoes, that 9th handbag. The list is endless. Most women that I know fall into this at various level of severity. Any good blogs that I can ask them to read? Will check out the one recommended by Althea

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