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Credit Cards Are Not Designed for Daily Living Expenses

Tuesday May 27th, 2008 by fathersez

This is a guest post by Tisha Kulak who is a writer for Creditorweb.com, where she writes about credit card offers, personal finances and credit card matters.

Economically times are getting harder than ever. Nearly every aspect of a person’s basic needs have gone up in price and those living paycheck to paycheck may be considered lucky to make it from one paycheck to the next. Due to the increasing costs of so many things, consumers are being faced with tougher financial decisions.

Many families no longer have the cash needed to buy basic grocery items and necessities and ultimately turn to their credit cards to survive. Utilizing credit cards to maintain daily life is not a financially healthy situation.

However, many consumers have no other choice. They are using credit cards to keep the lights on and food in the refrigerator. The trend is becoming increasingly popular and equally dangerous. Credit card balances are going up but family income is staying the same. Many consumers are not able to even make the monthly minimum payments. By not paying more than the minimum each month, people are digging themselves in even more debt. Balances will take many years to pay off in full and average consumers typically have more than one credit card with an existing balance. Add into the mix a missed or late payment and the balance grows even more outrageous.  

The best thing for any consumer with credit card debt is to really understand how much they owe. When family budgets are stretched to the maximum and there is no good outlook for paying down the debt, turning to a professional financial counselor may be beneficial to avoid falling behind and ruining your credit score. Once you have fallen behind, it becomes all the harder to catch back up. It is also bad for the economy as a whole because consumer spending ultimately decreases as there just isn’t enough money to go around.  

For those who feel they can not survive without using credit cards to maintain daily life, there may be a need to seek financial support from the community or local welfare office. Check out programs to help with utilities, buying groceries, and other necessities in order to stay on track  Debt management companies may be able to help you pay down your credit card balances in a shorter period of time. They may also be able to work with you on a realistic budget to get your through the worse of your financial situation. Not seeking help when you need it will eventually make your debt even worse and it will stick with you for a long time.  

Credit cards were not designed to keep your family going each week. Responsible credit card use dictates that anything you can not pay off at the end of the billing period should not be charged on your credit card. Before you turn to credit to help you make ends meet, consider all other available resources first and only charge what you can afford.


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