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Fathersez’s frugal tip – Don’t buy a bed

Tuesday December 4th, 2007 by fathersez

One Snarky Chica with Issues wrote an interesting post on “Who needs all that furniture?” 

He is shifting to a smaller unit and his plan to get rid of unwanted furniture was part of the preparation. I went through his list of furniture earmarked for disposal and found what I was looking for.  

Hooray!!!! At last, a man with the same thoughts as I have.  

The platform bed was marked to be sold! 

If there ever was a piece of furniture that had to be paid for,  occupied a huge amount of space, created more chores by needing additional work to make it “proper”, and collected a pile of dust and germs, the bed would win hands down. 

First, it does occupy a whole lot of space. I am not an authority on bedrooms in general, but I have stayed in many hotel rooms in many countries and beds always occupy the biggest percentage of space. The same in my bedroom. 

Then, you need a mattress for the bed. And for the mattress we need covers. These covers have to be cleaned.  

The beds have to be “made up” daily. Whilst I have an aversion to beds in general (does this sound “wrong”?), unmade beds really are the pits. 

Sunning the mattress requires us to have a Mr. Hercules to be on call.  

And need I mention the dust that accumulates beneath these beds? I am sure many the backs of the lady of the house have been subjected to gross abuse by the need to vacuum and clean beneath the beds. 

Why can’t we do the sensible thing?

I am not suggesting for us to be like the “kung fu movie” heroes, who sleep on planks with bricks as pillows. These guys can also jump over mountains, something many of us cannot do. 

I am all for sleeping mats.  

Mats that can be rolled up when we get up, and free all that space in our rooms. Mats that can be so easily aired in the sun. Mats that will not accumulate dust. Mats that are so much cheaper, and hence can be replaced more often. And mats that can be so easily rolled up and carried away if we have to shift. If we need comfort, we can always have some sort of a thin mattress.  

Well, I have never managed to convince my wife. She goes through all the problems that I have listed above, and it is still a bed that we must have. 

Sigh! Am I missing something here?  

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