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How I intend to help my daughters secure jobs they would like – Part 3 – Basics of life as an employee

Sunday March 9th, 2008 by fathersez

My two elder girls are almost ready to join the rat race. I am trying to discuss with and suggest to them the things they can do to better position themselves to get the job of their choice from the employer of their choice. And not to repeat the major mistake I have made of not managing my career.  

In Part 1, we covered an overview of the process. 

In Part 2, we covered the additional employability skills they would have to familiarize themselves with.

In this Part 3, we look at the realities of life as an employee as compared their past years as students. 

I have made some bad mistakes in my life and in guiding my children. One more to add to this list is the fact that I did not do enough (or rather anything) to make the elder girls do internships. The benefits of internships have been well documented.   

Since there is no point in crying over spilt milk though, I just have to make sure the girls have a firm understanding of the sometimes harsh realities of life as an employee as compared to their relatively cloistered life so far. 

I have read Ms. Dawn Rosenberg McKay article titled “From College Campus to Corporate Climate” and added on my thoughts. 

a) My children lives have so far involved “education and knowledge coming to them.” They would sit in some classroom and a teacher/lecturer would teach them. In working life, however, they have to go looking for education and knowledge.

The fact that there is proactive effort needed on an employee’s part to learn and progress is what I think contributes most to their progress or lack thereof. Employers often offer insufficient training and time for new hires to get completely familiarized with whatever they are supposed to do.  

b) People will depend on them and they have to depend on people. They become cogs in some wheel of an organization. As students what they did had no impact on their college, but the reality as an employee is vastly different. Their work will impact themselves, their co-workers and possibly even their bosses. And often the employee may not get to see or understand the full picture. 

c) Exams happen almost daily. Their work will be seen and evaluated almost continuously, despite the formal performance reviews which may be at set timetables.

d) Deadlines will happen frequently and quite often unreasonably. No consideration is usually given to your own priorities. (Perhaps my girls now understand why I missed so many of their important events when they were little princesses.) These deadlines will, hence, affect their personal lives. Time management will become an important skill to practice and master. 

e) They may end up with unreasonable co-workers and bosses. Learning how to manage these people will be paramount. It’s not possible to just ignore these guys and hope they’ll not end up in our class next term or semester.  

f) And lastly they’ll no longer have the parental umbrella for them to seek shelter over work related issues. 

Having said all the above, life as an employee will have other benefits and perks. Had they undergone an internship, my girls would have had a chance to do some trial runs as employees. Nevertheless, the good thing is that whilst life as an employee may be a culture shock to my girls, knowing, anticipating and preparing our minds will greatly reduce the negative impacts.              

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3 Comments for “How I intend to help my daughters secure jobs they would like – Part 3 – Basics of life as an employee”

On March 10, 2008
At 12:01 am

Ugh, so true about the exams. Fortunately, people at my jobs have seemed to like me and I don’t screw up more often than most. I still feel under more pressure than at school.

by JHS
On March 17, 2008
At 12:10 pm

Thanks for participating in this week’s Carnival of Family Life: St. Patrick’s Day Edition at Colloquium! The Carnival will be live at midnight (Pacific time) on March 17, 2008, so drop by and check out all of the wonderful submissions included this week! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

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