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How I intend to help my daughters secure jobs they would like – Part 6 – Preparing for the Interview

Sunday May 4th, 2008 by fathersez

My two elder girls are almost ready to join the rat race. I am discussing with them the things they could do to better position themselves to get the job of their choice from the employer of their choice. And not to repeat the major mistake I have made of not managing my career.  

So far we have covered Parts 1 – 5.

My second daughter (the eldest is having her finals next week, so her journey will start a little later), has been sending out her resume to a number of firms, focusing on entry level accounting and audit jobs.

So far she has attended 2 interviews, and it seems that she has not been successful.She has taken these as learning opportunities and is using the experiences as resources for improving her “being interviewed” skills.

She did not start of on the interviewing trek without any preparation. One of her friends, a blistering straight A’s, college leader kind of girl was recruited by one of the Big 4 firms. She gave my daughter some pointers on the kind of questions you could expect.

Other very helpful suggestions came from people like Clever Dude who points out and details that we should be organized, have a plan and follow through when it comes to job searches.

Free Money Finance points out that an interview is a test you can study for. He explains  that the more work we put in by preparing and practicing, the better would our chances be. He points out that we should:     

a)      Research the Company and slip our knowledge into the interview.

b)     Dress appropriately.

c)      Prepare answers to expected key questions and practice them.                

         FMF has elaborated on this further in another post and has suggested:-

  • Begin our answers by listing the top 3 – 5 requirements of the job as understood by us from our research and the interview,
  • Summarize how our skills and experience will enable us to make a significant impact,
  • And finish by stating our interest in the organization.

d)     Prepare to close the deal. Ask if they have any reservations about hiring you and address those.

e)      And the often overlooked, practice, practice and practice.

My daughter is seeking an entry level position, so we did not discuss things like personality tests and stuff like that.

In addition, my daughter and I have gone over some technical stuff that we both think would be useful for the positions she is aiming for. This was one of the off shoots from one of the interviews she had attended. 

Azah, our second girl, takes more after her mother than me. She, like her mother, is more of a people’s person, whilst I am more a shy introverted type. My daughter has also read Glbl guy’s suggestions on things not to say during an interview.  I am confident that she would not be making this kind of gaffes.

At one of the interviews, it seems that the interviewer was doing most of the talking. Though my girl had prepared some answers which she though would further her cause, the interviewer just cut in and continued talking.

My daughter just let him talk, quite the wise one, isn’t she.

Clever Dude also pointed out that he attended a number of interviews before he landed a job. I am telling my daughter to persevere. I am also telling her that based on my experience, I believe that she is already ahead of at least 70 – 80% of her peers out there and it’s just a matter of time.

Her next interview is on Tuesday, which also happens to be her mother’s birthday. Let’s see how this works out. 

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