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How I intend to help my daughters secure jobs they would like - Part 1

Sunday February 24th, 2008 by fathersez

I have written a number of posts on preparing my elder two girls for joining the rat race. I think I have to do a lot more. 

Our eldest girl, Along, has told me that she wants to stay on for a while in Wales when her final exams are over. (This may be subject to a separate post later). Her younger sister, Azah finishes her finals on the 10th March 08, and would be coming home with her bags, books and baggage from her hostel immediately after. She may take some time off at home, and then it would be time for her to join the rat race. 

I have no wish for my children to make the same mistakes that I did in failing to manage my career properly.  

So I intend to plan and try my best to instill in Azah some of the steps she can take to have an advantage as she takes her first steps in her working life. 

I have formulated a plan or rather the matters that I should research carefully and talk to her about. This plan is based on the lessons I have learnt in not managing my career. (Looks like my failure is of some use after all). 

a)  Additional Skills to pick up 

I have to add on to what I have written earlier. She should have at least some grounding in the needed skills to make her more marketable. Skills that employers need, not the E = mc squared kind of stuff. 

b)    Getting her mindset appropriately tuned for employment.

My wife and I have given our daughters a relatively sheltered life. They have never gone out to do any part time work during their school or varsity holidays. Starting work without having at least an understanding of the real life of a working gal might be a culture shock for them.  

c)     Preparing a killer resume

One that will stand out from the hundreds if not thousands of resumes that should be flooding the Malaysian entry level market these months. 

d)    Discussing and drawing up with her the list of qualities or characteristics that she wants in the employer of her choice. And helping her identify the companies that may fit this description. 

e)    Discussing and drawing up with her the list of job or career classifications that she thinks would fit her aptitudes and like. I do not think I can use the word passion here. I believe it would take some time before settles and she finds her calling. 

f)      Researching the companies and key decision makers in the companies that fit the list.  

g)    Seeking the interviews and preparing for the interview. This may take some time as it’s an employer’s market out here. My eldest brother’s son took almost 5 months before he secured his first job. That, too, was in another State. 

I have to remind Azah about our theory of perseverance if ever she feels down during this time. 

h)  Post interview strategies and tactics.  

I also want to extend this exercise a little so that she also starts off her career on the right foot. I have to dwell upon her building and maintaining her network, being able to communicate well and to make as many presentations as she can and develop her brand as an employee. 

(Though there are blog articles and advice on the Internet on this, her mother would be much better placed to guide her on corporate dressing). 

Though I like Dividend 4 Life’s idea of weaving stories into lessons, I think it would be more appropriate for our younger children.   I think I’ll treat this exercise as being about the most important project I have on my plate right now, do solid research, prepare my presentations to her well and take it from there. The Millionaire Mommy herself has said it much better than I could ever have. To quote her:    

                                    This is parenting with a purpose  

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9 Comments for “How I intend to help my daughters secure jobs they would like - Part 1”

On February 25, 2008
At 7:18 am

Wow, what a great article. I have tucked it away for when my kids get older.

I plan on including it in my weekly article roundup this Friday. Thanks for the mention.

Best Wishes,

On February 25, 2008
At 12:10 pm

I completely agree about finding skills to make her even more employable. In today’s job market (at least in the States) you need more than a degree and a bit of experience. Which is frustrating sometimes.

On February 25, 2008
At 7:26 pm

Hi, D4L,

Thanks for dropping by. I have the same views as you do on wanting to do the best for our children.

Best regards

On February 25, 2008
At 7:28 pm

Mrs. M,

I really cannot blame the employers, having sat on the other side of the table more than a few times. I am grateful I have a chance to do something proactively now for the girls.


by Miss Xynix
On February 29, 2008
At 5:13 pm


hehehe tapi takpe Im up 4 d challenge!

thanks tau papa utk semua tunjuk ajar ^-^

by plonkee
On March 7, 2008
At 3:40 am

Don’t forget that she needs to make her own mistakes as well. Absolutely help and coach her if she needs it, but let yourself be led rather than doing all the pushing.

On March 7, 2008
At 7:40 am

You are right, Plonkee.

I am happy to say that this exercise has also opened the lines of communication between me and my daughters a little wider.

On April 23, 2008
At 2:35 pm

Yes! Preparing a killer resume is definitely a must. It has to have good layout and power words like how we use good keywords for our blogs.

Besides that, researching the company thoroughly too. I think if your daughters start blogging about the companies that they dream to work with, and rank their blogs high in the search engines, that will help them gain entry to the companies too! :-)

Finally, plan to earn an income from blogging. That will help you leave the worries of looking for job in the trash can.

Unit Trust Investment

On April 23, 2008
At 2:59 pm

Hi, Carson. Thanks for the feedback.

You have a great comparison in matching resume words to good keywords for SEO.

And the idea about blogging about the companies that she wants to work with….wow, that’s a great idea. (More for me perhaps.)

And I love your last statement….I am working on that myself.

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