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How I intend to help my daughters secure jobs they would like – Part 4 – Understanding the career options available

Monday April 21st, 2008 by fathersez

It has been quite sometime since I posted about this exercise I am doing with my girls.  

Just to recap, my two elder girls are almost ready to join the rat race. I am trying to discuss with and suggest to them the things they can do to better position themselves to get the job of their choice from the employer of their choice. And not to repeat the major mistake I have made of not managing my career.  

In Part 1, we covered an overview of the process. 

In Part 2, we covered the additional employability skills they would have to familiarize themselves with.

In Part 3, we looked at the realities of life as an employee as compared their past years as students. 

The plans for Part 4, 5 and 6 were for:-

a)    My girls to understand the career options available to them,

b)    The preparing of a good resume and identifying the companies and  

c)     The seeking of the interviews and doing well at them.

Well, that is still the plan. And though I keep referring to “girls”, the eldest has yet to complete her final exams which are due in mid May 08. I am sure she’ll understand the principles, as I go through this with her younger sister.

For our second girl, Azah who did Accounting and Finance, the resources used to learn about her career options (in addition to what her University Counselors had talked to her) were basically :

a) Clever Dude’s very useful post on why people work and some of the attributes of career selection and

b) The informative articles in About.com on the definitions of the Finance Function and the Financial Services Industry, the advantages of a career in Financial Services and the differences of the producer and support function in Financial Services.

I also chipped in with the almost exponential growth in Islamic Finance where Malaysia is  acknowledged as being at least one of the world leaders. The International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) which offers courses in Islamic Finance is based in Malaysia and is widely accepted as a pioneering teaching institution in this field.

Lately, too, Squawkfox has started a series on finding our career calling and discovering the five paths to our perfect job. I have also given the links to my daughters and I am sure they’ll find it useful. (Having worked in ten companies and with seven different career paths, this lady is eminently qualified to be a career counselor.)

Perhaps it’s a little too much to expect my daughter to be able to clearly define her career choices immediately. She is still a little unsure of her career choices. For a start, we have agreed upon that she should concentrate on companies that offer good opportunities for training and personal and career development.


My daughter has already prepared her resume and submitted it to some institutions which fit the above general description. She has also applied to a few other companies that had adverts for vacancies in the financial support functions. So far, she has attended one interview. We shall write about this later.

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by JHS
On April 28, 2008
At 1:15 am


Thanks for participating in this week’s Carnival of Family Life, hosted by Jen at Diary of 1. Be sure to drop by tomorrow, April 28, 2008, and check out some of the many wonderful articles submitted this week!

On April 28, 2008
At 3:29 pm

[…] Fathersez presents How I intend to help my daughters secure jobs they would like […]

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