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I collected the RM625 fuel subsidy today. And it took me all of about 15 minutes.

Tuesday August 26th, 2008 by fathersez

In early June 08, the Malaysian pump fuel prices were raised by 41%.  This increase immediately created a tsunami of increases in the prices of almost everything you could think of.

The pain inflicted on the man in the street by these increases is still being felt and will be felt for quite a long while.  At the same time (to alleviate the sufferings of us poor Malaysians!!!) the Government also announced a rebate of RM625 per individual car of 2,000 cc or less. People with cars registered in the name of companies, permanent residents and expatriates all got the short end of the stick.  

The Postal Services (which was privatised some time ago) was appointed as the sole payout agent. 

And true to form, Malaysians turned up by the busloads to collect the rebate. The Post Offices were jam packed with people with queues reminiscent of pictures of people lining up for rock concerts.  


Image credit: The Star Publications via the Danesh Project. (Thanks, Danny) 

Today, about 2 months after the announcement, I went to collect the rebate on our car at the Post Office at a shopping mall about 2 minutes from our house.  Collecting the form, filling it up, taking a number, submitting and collecting the princely sum of RM625 took me a sum total of about 15 minutes.  

A well spent fifteen minutes.

I wonder if I would have ever spent time lining up in the sun, like some of the people in the picture above to collect this or any other rebate. I also wonder if this “attitude” is needed in someone’s profile to attract and retain wealth.

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2 Comments for “I collected the RM625 fuel subsidy today. And it took me all of about 15 minutes.”

On August 27, 2008
At 8:57 am

Good decision. I try to avoid those sorts of rushes because it’s just not worth waiting in line unless you’re in dire straits.

by mamadou
On August 27, 2008
At 11:40 pm

Good. I have collected mine3 days after I landed back to our soil one month ago. My wife filled up the application form on my behalf. But how long RM 625 would last as price most of the consumer items went up. The recent price of fuel (21/8/08) not much different from the price announced in July. Price for diesel only dropped 8 sen, and the transporter said it too little for them to reduce the transport charges…………….and the inflation rate this month was said about 7% highest so far. Would it going up again? unless government give effort to control of the prices…
Thank you

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