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I must see a lot more of Malaysia. It’s the only country I have.

Monday August 18th, 2008 by fathersez

I have been “unemployed” since the 31st of July. Maybe not unemployed, but doing my own thing. This sounds a lot better. For the first time in my life, I do not have to dress up, face the traffic and turn up at some office at a particular time every working day. 

So in theory, I should have lots of time on my hands. (It doesn’t seem so, but that is another story). And I should be doing lots of travelling. Isn’t this what people out of the rat race do? 

And I do want to travel. I just love the country side. Streams, lakes, mountains, the sea, islands, new places, the list can go on and on. And of course, now more than ever, I have to be frugal in my travelling. So I have struck Paris and Monte Carlo and Venice from my list.  

My plan is to see as much of my country as I can, after all, Malaysia is truly blessed and well varied in its offerings to anyone who is interested.

A good friend of mine, who also got out of the rat race a while ago, does his sight seeing / travelling through his love of cycling. ARZ (aka Rambo) was once a biker, but an accident put paid to those plans. It’s now pedal power all the way. He has cycled almost all over Malaysia and is now extending his reach to Thailand and Indonesia. And practicing frugality all the way.  

Over lunch lately, I told him about my recent trip to the Malaysia -   Thailand border town of Betong. (Rambo, of course, had already been there and not only that, had cycled all the way deep into Thailand. He reeled off names of southern Thai towns like some geography expert).   

I am not a cycling enthusiast like Rambo, so I am going to make do with driving trips. After all I am now in the enviable position of being able to plan my trips when the prices are cheapest.  

For starters, I’ll cover my State of Negeri Sembilan. It looks like the Government website does quite do justice to the many places that are well worth seeing

Though not in my State, Betong was the first of the outings since the 31st July. I am looking forward to the many more trips that are in store.   


The entrance to the tunnels dug by the Communist insurgents. The tunnels have a number of exits and even rooms for working and sleeping.  I was told that the tunnels end up on the Malaysian side, though the route we took went round and brought us back to almost the same spot.


The “front office and lobby” of the hotel I stayed in Betong. The owner (a Malaysian by the way), told me that the building was probably more than a 100 years old. They had some lovely chalets nested against the forest, but they were full that night. So I had to make do with the normal rooms.


These two chairs had some seriously intricate carvings. The previous owner of the hotel was an antique collector and these chairs were part of his collection.

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2 Comments for “I must see a lot more of Malaysia. It’s the only country I have.”

by rizlan darus
On August 27, 2008
At 4:39 pm

congratulations on being “unemployed”. i would like to call “free agent” and dont know when is my turn to do this and spend more time on my own and family.

for your info next few days, our chennai office at kasturi estates which you had started earlier will be gone. some of my memories when i was there also been gone and what a wonderful experiance be there alone.

also congrats on your daughter convocation.

bye wassalam

On August 27, 2008
At 10:12 pm

Hi, Rizlan,

Thanks for dropping by.

Well, if the Kasturi Estate office is closed our chances of running into Superstar Rajni look rather dim.

Anyway all things must come to an end, and there must be new beginnings. I am now beginning a new chapter in my life.

You take care and best regards

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