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If we are sellers, let’s do the right thing

Monday May 26th, 2008 by fathersez

Perhaps a simple definition of business can be as the art of providing the buyer what he wants at a price that is acceptable to both parties.  Between the buyer and the seller come the dazzling array of weapons both parties use to get a “better deal” for themselves. Advertising, marketing, logistics, studying of product reviews, blah, blah…blah 

And when the going gets tough, some people from both ends resort to not so moral tactics. These are a couple of my recent experiences. 

a)  My attempt to sell my Timeshare 

I wrote about my Timeshare and my intention to get rid of it a little while ago. First I advertised on a free buy-sell internet portal and though there were some people who viewed, there was no interest. Then I advertised in a local paper’s classifieds. Two responses are memorable. One called up and told me that the price should be one sixth of what I had listed, as this was the price she had been offered earlier. I told her that that would be a good deal and she should take it.  

The second was a lady with 5 children. She had recently signed up for a holiday package and she had been “advised” to buy a Timeshare. So she called me and I told her (honestly and truthfully) about the reasons why I was selling the Timeshare. Clearly convincing her not to buy! 

b)  To pay down loans or invest 

I also wrote about this a little while ago. My daughter and my wife went to the bank to deposit her windfall into her savings account. (Next week, I’ll be going with my daughter to do what we planned with the money.) My daughter got a call from a bank staff, “advising” her not to pay down her loan at all. Rather she should use the whole amount to invest! 

I feel that this advice was tinged with quite a bit of “this approach will be better for the Bank.” Luckily for me, my daughter had made her decision after reading Mighty Bargain Hunter’s article. His graphic descriptions of piggy banks, made a powerful impression in my daughter’s mind. Something the bank officer could not even begin to match.

The point is that I try to ensure that all my earnings are “halal” or “kosher”. It should be earned from halal sources and I should have no fear in disclosing my sources of income. And I also want to leave behind people who would say good things about me. 

I am sure that had I tried harder, I may have convinced the nice lady to buy my Timeshare. She would then regret it and I am sure will spend a little time at cursing me.  

So if you are a seller, have the well being of your customer in mind. This principle may be lost somewhat in this age of mass production. However this principle thrived in the old days, when neighbourhood shops provided what we wanted and the shopkeepers had a genuine interest in what was good for us. 

I shall live by this principle when my goat farm is launched!

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2 Comments for “If we are sellers, let’s do the right thing”

On May 28, 2008
At 12:22 am

Sometimes using something for free isn’t always the best practice, since you usually get what you pay for. A company called Sell My Timeshare Now brings sellers and buyers of timeshares together to transact timeshare purchases directly on the secondary market. They claim to have generated over $274 million in offers to buy or rent timeshares last year and have over 2 million visitors to their website each month. Food for thought……

On May 28, 2008
At 8:45 am

Thanks, Steve for the info. I have tried listing in the local classifieds. Perhaps I should look into the SMT company.


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