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Is it Malaria again, or Dengue or just a viral fever?

Friday August 22nd, 2008 by fathersez

On Monday the 11 August, I spent a night at the Thai border town of Betong. The three Malaysian towns closest to Betong are Pengkalen Hulu, Baling and Gerik. I did not feel anything unusual after the visit and life went just fine.

Then on Tuesday the 19th, I started feeling slightly feverish and slept it off. On Thursday morning the fever persisted and I went to see our local GP. I told her I did not think it was malaria as I did not get the alternating chills that makes us shiver and the fever that makes us sweat. She gave me some pills and antibiotics and I went home. 

Then the chills truck on Thursday night and I went to the nearby medical centre, where I was last treated for malaria. They took a blood test, said that it did not seem to be malaria and sent me home. Asking me to come back on Monday the 25th. My first encounters with malaria was when I was working in Ghana. My colleagues would, (quite nonchalantly) tell me they needed a couple of days off due to malaria which was always given. (If I am not mistaken, the Ghanaian Labour Office suggests that all investors in Ghana should provide for about a week off every year for each staff due to malaria. This made me treat this disease quite lightly when I had a full scale attack when I landed in Djibouti from Mali in February 07. That attack left quite a deep scare in my mind.

My doctors have told me before that there was no trace of malaria (in the blood tests) during my afflictions in 2007. So I am not taking the current results lightly, as Gerik is known as a hotspot for malaria.  


Credit: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/TH/70/Betong.html 

Naturally some of my plans now have to be cancelled. 

a)    I made a sort of vow that (since my “retirement) I’ll try my best to do my Friday prayers with my son. Today I could not join him. 

b)    My second girl’s convocation is tomorrow morning. Looks like her Mama has to attend the ceremony with one of the kids.  Luckily she collected the gown last Sunday  and the serious family photography has already been done.

c)     This afternoon I was supposed to make a visit to another goat farm not far from where our farm is. This has been cancelled and a date will be fixed later. 

d)    On Sunday, I was supposed to go to Jakarta for a week to attend some meetings relating to the telecommunication towers. 

These are the appointments I cancelled. The next few days, I am just going to laze at home and drink lots and lots of water. 

Man, I assure you that this fever is a miserable one. It looks like once you are afflicted, the treatment just makes the viruses take a rest and continue to multiply. My last clear attack was in May or June 07, I think. Almost the 2 most miserable months of my life.  


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7 Comments for “Is it Malaria again, or Dengue or just a viral fever?”

On August 23, 2008
At 10:05 pm


may i know if you no longer blog at your wordpress.com?


by KCLau
On August 25, 2008
At 5:09 pm

Take good care of yourself Fathersez. Temporary rest is the preparation for a longer journey.

On August 25, 2008
At 5:53 pm

Thanks, KC. My doctor just confirmed that it is dengue. Blood count is not too bad. I did not want to be admitted and am now in the good care of my wife and kids at home.

Best regards

by mamadou
On August 25, 2008
At 10:57 pm

Dear Pak Fathersez

Really feel sorry of your attacked by dengue warriors. It seems all the malaria and dengue warriors have vowed to attack you every now and then. You should declare jihad against them, would you? BTW please take a good rest
Thank you

by MissXynix1805
On August 26, 2008
At 9:28 am

Dear Daddy Cool, Dont worry too much, Stay happy and Get well soon!

On August 26, 2008
At 1:03 pm

Pak Mamadou,

Thanks, Pak. Insya’Allah, I should get better. In fact, am already feeling better now.


On August 26, 2008
At 1:05 pm

Ms. Xynix,

A child’s doa for her parents is the most powerful ubat on earth. He he. And the child must be soleha, don’t forget.


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