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Job scams on the rise. It’s always better to be safe than sorry

Wednesday April 22nd, 2009 by fathersez

 The lethal combination of more and more people losing their jobs and less and less jobs being available, is providing a huge market for those scammers out to make quick bucks from conning the desperate. 

An ex-colleague once told me that when poverty meets illiteracy and the uneducated, it creates a very ripe environment to be taken advantaged of. Add to this an element of desperation and it becomes even more potent. 

This was in Ghana, way back in 2000. But the quote remains etched in my mind.  

Recent events like the Madoff Ponzi Scheme have shown that even the rich and the well educated can fall prey to scams. 

In this current climate of continued job losses, we cannot really be surprised that job scams, where well paying jobs are offered for payment of a fee, abound.  

Malaysia is gaining a stellar reputation as a country of scamsters.  Topmost on the list would be the bringing in of foreign workers and then abandoning them without the jobs they were promised. These scams have become institionalized as it is almost impossible to do this without getting approvals from the Immigration and Home Ministry Authorities.  

Then come the various job advertisements that litter our classified section and in the Internet offering all kinds of jobs. This lures the job seeker with promises of well paying jobs. Eventually some fee has to be paid and then it is found that there is no such job at all. 

These scams must be rising in Malaysia. I have hear radio announcements seeking people to be wary of such “too good to be true” offers. Though the Authorities can do some more to help eliminate the scams, the wide spread use of anonymous Internet sites by the scammers is making this difficult.  

In India, when I once wanted to advertise for office jobs for our Chennai Office, the newspaper company refused to accept my ad without my passport! The reason was because they wanted to prevent scamsters. 

So far neither my daughters, thank God, nor me have been caught in such schemes. I have no idea how sophisticated these scammers would be when my younger children enter the job market. I can only hope that these nasty guys don’t get their grubby hands on any of our cash. In these difficult times it pays to be helpful.

This site gives some ways to help protect ourselves from such schemes.

Read how six Africans with the help of a Malaysian accomplice managed to implement another version of this scam. God knows how many victims are just keeping quiet licking their wounds and pride.

Worse still, this young lady ended up with a death sentence for her gullibility! 

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