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Let’s read the Quran!

Friday February 6th, 2009 by fathersez


Last month a quartet of Malaysian bloggers launched a “Let us Read the Quran campaign”.  

The idea was for more people to know what the Quran says and what the Quran does not say and to match it what is really said in our daily lives.  This makes a lot of sense for us Malaysians. Many of our fellow citizens are non Muslims, and I sincerely believe that a large majority of them might express great shock if they knew what the Al Quran, the authoritative manual for a Muslim’s life really says.  

As part of my contribution to this campaign, I would like to talk about Verse 135 of Surah An Nisaa.  This verse talks about the burden that is placed on those in whose hands the dispensing of justice rests.   

O ye who believe!

Stand out firmly

For justice, as witnesses

To Allah, even as against

Yourselves, or your parents,

Or your kin, and whether

It be (against) rich or poor

For Allah can best protect both.

Follow not the lusts

(Of your hearts), lest ye

Swerve, and if ye

Distort (justice) or decline

To do justice, verily

Allah is well acquainted

With all that ye do.   

              Surah An Nisaa Ayat 135 

Man! This says it all.  

When we have to make a decision on justice, even if it involves our own parents, the option available is only one. To decide justly, to judge based on what is right and what is wrong.  

I am no expert on the Quran, but I believe there are no exceptions, as the Quran does not contradict itself at all.  

This is the code that has to be followed in Islam, and this is what I have tried my level best to follow during the years I held positions of power and authority.   

When I read some of the decisions made by those in power in Malaysia, I do get the feeling that this code has been disregarded. As a Muslim, I believe that we will be held accountable for every good and bad that we have done during the days we spend on earth, living our daily lives. One day, I shall most certainly face my Maker and shall be judged, and so shall everyone else. And His judgement will be most fair! 

I seek to remind myself and those of us in positions of authority and those of us who make judgements on others, those who decide on award of licenses, contracts, scholarships etc., to reflect on this verse as they make their decisions.  

It has been put in the Quran for a reason.

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