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Links – The “Cycling Tales” Edition

Saturday January 3rd, 2009 by fathersez

A dear friend, now no longer a rat of the rat race and living what I think is quite an exciting and fabulous life, writes a blog called Cycling Tales. He is, as you may guess, an avid cyclist and has written about the many expeditions he has done, either solo or with a bunch of fellow cycling enthusiasts.  

His latest article is about the Railway Station in Tumpat, a small town in Kelantan, Malaysia. This railway station, being in the town where he was born and grew up holds a very special place in his heart. Read and enjoy! And know a little bit about my country. 

Some of the other articles I read and enjoyed are listed below. 

Flexo wrote a post listing his 9 suggestions on identifying and working towards achieving one’s purpose in life. For many of us, pinning down our purpose in life (or our ultimate goals in life) might seem a little hazy. Going through Flexo’s tips would help clarify our thoughts. 

Lazy Man asks a million dollar question. What if history does not repeat itself? What if the stock markets do not bounce back? What if, what if? I think that despite the allegedly historically correct “history repeats itself theory”, we never really know. I share the thoughts of some of the commenters who said that, irrespective of how history plays out,they would be sticking to the time tested methods of earning more than they spend and investing the difference wisely. 

I truly enjoyed this post (and the resulting comments) by Four Pillars about a store that put up a sign proclaiming “Christian Owner”. Assuming the owner’s name is not Christian Owner (as pointed out by Looby), what would you think about patronizing such a store? 

The One Caveman announces the latest addition to his family. The precious Alyssa. The Fathersez family heartily congratulate and welcome Mr. and Mrs. Caveman into the world of unbridled joy as the little child grows up and showers them with her “no strings attached smiles and laughter”. And some sleepless nights!

MMND talks about an interesting study done in the 60’s and followed up 14 years later. She links the results of the study with 5 important observations she makes on money management. A really cool post!

This is it for the dawn of 2009. May this year be better than 2008!

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3 Comments for “Links – The “Cycling Tales” Edition”

On January 3, 2009
At 9:40 am

Thanks a lot for the link!

On January 3, 2009
At 12:37 pm

Thanks! Actually, I’m surprised at how well this child sleeps compared to our first daughter. We actually have to work to wake her up so she’ll eat. Definitely a huge departure from our first.

On January 3, 2009
At 4:53 pm

Four Pillars & You One Caveman,

It was my pleasure.


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