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Links – The Appeal to Malaysian Politicians Edition

Saturday February 28th, 2009 by fathersez

Anas Zubedy has taken out a full page advertisement in the Malaysian local papers beseeching our politicians to stop, well, politicking, and focus on the dark economic clouds that are getting darker by the day.  

Almost everyone, I have talked to, is concerned about the lack of economic leadership in our country. The last one week I have been looking at our newspaper headlines and none of them seem to be on the economy. And this is late February 09, not February 08, for  God’s sake! I really hope and pray that our politicians come to their senses immediately, or they might have a bigger problem on their hands if the unemployment situation gets out of control.    

Patrick at Cash Money Life asks us whether it is ethical to use our business computer for personal use. I think this question can be extended to all business tools, like cars, phones, credit cards etc. The biggest, I suppose, would be the usage of time.  I think there has to be balance. The rules can be set, and action taken only on those clear cut slackers.  

Bigger Pockets wrote about the opportunities available by using distressed properties for a different purpose. I think this is going to be widely available all over the world. Not far from where I live, a building built as a wet market has stood empty for years. It now is a flourishing seafood restaurant. Others are changing vacant industrial buildings into indoor games courts.  

The Glbl guy addresses a very sensitive and immensely important topic. Sort of an instruction manual to guide his loved ones on managing their  financial lives if anything untoward were to happen to the manager. I must say that Glbl’s approach appears to be the most organised for me to follow. But like he said, doing it is sad and immensely difficult.  

TSD asks about the right thing to do when a store overcharges or undercharges us. I agree with his conclusion. Just as we should be unhappy and make a fuss if we were overcharged, it is fair to give the same right to the store if we were undercharged. Like Dr. Covey said, “being principled, means never having to worry about being caught”. 

Lifehacker presented a tutorial on how to build a shoe phone – Get Smart style. Like Jackson commented it is a product that is rivalled in ingenuity only by ridiculousness.  I remember having to take my shoes and belt and getting them X rayed whilst boarding a flight from Turkey to Kazakhstan. Wonder what the guards would do if they saw a phone in my shoe? 

Well, this is it for this week, folks. Have a great, happy and productive weekend.

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One Comment for “Links – The Appeal to Malaysian Politicians Edition”

by Patrick
On February 28, 2009
At 11:47 am

The economic clouds are dark here in the US as well. Unfortunately, I think the global markets and economy will be hurting for awhile.

Thank you for the mention, and have a great weekend! :)

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