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Links – The Child Blogger Edition – 24 January 09

Saturday January 24th, 2009 by fathersez

Last week one of our local papers carried a story about a 11 year old Malaysian blogger who writes and maintains a blog, www.glosonblog.com, with the tagline, “Learn online with Gloson – Anything that Gloson learns”. 

Gloson seems to be quite a child prodigy, being able to design websites when he was 8 and having helped create a product called ‘Linking Memory”. He could read and sing in English and Mandarin when he was just one and a half.The blog looks neat and well designed, and includes some ads. He has some interesting articles including this one on actions to consider before we publish a post. Advise that I can do with.  

I shall be following Gloson’s blog and wish him all the best in his blogging and other activities.   

The Digertati Life has an interesting post comparing the present nasty economic cycle to its brethren from the past. I am fascinated by the graph on Equity Markets Performance. It seems to me that the present dips are way overdone and a mighty swing upwards to the mean might be in the works.   

Business Opportunities blog wrote about the Asian Enron, Satyam Computer Services of India. The company’s Chairman has admitted to presenting fraudulent accounts for the past 5 odd years. This disclosure has sent the stock reeling and is expected to have repercussions in a number of the many countries where Satyam   operates, including Malaysia. In absolute terms the amount involved may seem small, USD 1 b or so. The loss of shareholder wealth when the shares took a steep dive is something else.  I suppose, PwC, its auditors must be looking at some serious class action suits to be hurled at them soon. 

Pakdi wrote about a Korean blogger who got arrested by the Authorities in Korea. Apparently this blogger, known as Minerva, had allegedly claimed the Authorities had advised the banks to stop buying dollars. Well, freedom of speech is one thing. Announcing something that has serious implications but is not true is another. And if the announcer is a person with influence it’s yet another. Just where do we draw the line? 

JD asks a very pertinent question. What monetary value should we give to our principles? Principles are not quite the same as integrity. There may be no fraud or cheating or bribing involved, for example having a principle of being vegetarian. Look at how JD examines the situation he was put in and how he came to a logical conclusion based on his principles.    

One of GLBL’s readers, Sarah, has turned to him for some advice. Apparently there is increasing debt and lies involved and Sarah’s conscience is now at a critical point. To resolve any problem, first we must recognize and admit that there is a problem. Sarah has taken this first and most important step.  I think the GLBL guy has given some great advice. Click through and hear what he says.  

This week I participated in the Carnival of Family Life that was hosted by Colloquium. The Writer’s Coin who hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance, rejected my article as it did not meet his qualifying criteria…which was for the post to be interesting. Well, I’ll just have to try again next week.  

This is it for the week, folks. Have a very happy and memorable weekend!

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