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Links – The Elephant Tamer Stick Edition

Saturday February 21st, 2009 by fathersez

That our forefathers knew a lot more than we do about the benefits of herbs, leaves, roots and other stuff found in jungles is well accepted. Still the bulk of city folks today might not know that there were sticks that were used to ward off evil spirits, negative energies and even tame wild elephants. This is a story carried by one of our national English dailies today. 

I have seen “tas” sticks sold in the market in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I was told that these sticks could ward off wild animals. I did not buy any as I did not see myself meeting any wild animal anytime soon. And also because I had no idea how a genuine “tas” stick or a “tas” tree looked like. I must try to find out more.   

Amongst the other posts that I read, some that found interesting are listed below.

Pinyo has quite a solid tutorial listing the pros and cons for refinancing. In Malaysia most of the banks insist on Mortgage Reducing Term Policies, which cost a bomb for the more senior of us. Hence many of older one amongst us find the cost of refinancing prohibitive. Incidentally a banker friend told me recently that most of the transactions being done these days are for refinancing, both for cheaper rates and additional funds. So some Malaysians seem to be socking it away for either a rainy day or for taking advantage of the opportunities that are sure to come by.  

I really enjoyed this piece by GLB. A frugal family trip just 20 minutes away from where they live for a fun time with the family at a cost of $1 and gas. This is exactly what our family has planned for this year. 6 of these kind of trips. The first has been done and the time is nigh for the 2nd one.    

The DLM wrote about the value of having a personal mission statement. I wrote one, a personal mission statement I mean, many years ago, after reading Dr. Covey’s 7 Habits. Now dust has gathered and it lies somewhere deep in the archives of my laptop. Though I read our Family Mission Statement fairly regularly (something like once or twice a year), I have not done the same of my own. I shall change this with immediate effect.  

David had a bone to pick with his gym which had some rather sly renewal clauses slotted in his membership agreement. Lucky for us David is no pushover, and he gives us a rundown on what he did to contain his losses. No wonder we are told again and again to read the fine print. 

Steve writes about the lifting of financial curtains, as THE CRISIS works its way whittling down people’s savings. Just who are rich and just who were living on debt is slowly being revealed. I felt some goosebumps reading this. We never know when our financial curtains will be opened. Let’s keep our “financial house” in order so as not be ashamed if the curtains ever get drawn.  

I liked this article by Seth Godin on his view that the era of the professional reviewer may be over. I would go even further. It should never have been there in the first place. I mean, how could one person or a few persons ever be the judge on what is good food, good hotel, good airline, good book, clothes, fashion or movie. Many years ago, a Malaysian movie critic listed his ten best and ten worst movies of the year. I had seen none in the ten best list, but you know what, I had seen the worst, not once but twice and I had loved the movie.It was now Governor Arnie’s Conan the Barbarian. And I’ll probably see it again if I get the chance. Ah, well.   

This is it for the week, folks. Have a great, happy and enjoyable weekend.

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2 Comments for “Links – The Elephant Tamer Stick Edition”

by David
On February 21, 2009
At 12:15 pm

I really like the creative themes for your link posts. Thanks for including mine!

On February 22, 2009
At 10:31 pm

Thanks, David, for your kind word. And you are most welcome. Actually I think I should thank you for the free syndicated rights to list your very useful article in my blog.


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