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Links – The Everything is Possible Edition

Saturday January 10th, 2009 by fathersez

In Indonesia, a very common reply if we were to ask a local about something that seems not too easy to get done would be “Bisa diatur”. This translates roughly to “it can be arranged”, or as my friend seems to have translated “Everything is possible”. 

A former colleague who spends a lot of time in Indonesia and West Africa has this blog by the same name. He chronicles the more interesting thing he sees in his travels. He is a great photographer and many of his pictures speak a thousand words. Mamadou is quite a historian and very observant. You can tell from the way he writes, fusing history with pictures in a manner that makes pleasant informative reading.  

Amongst his posts that I found really interesting was this post about a bird building its nest (a series of pictures that I think are worthy of NatGeo) and this write up on his visit to Timbuktu.  

Among the other posts that I read recently, I would suggest that you have a look at the following: 

Frugal Dad announces that he has just reached his first year mark with his blog. And he made mention of something that quite a few of us might find sounding familiar, “being great starters but poor finishers”. Hmmm…..This should be my tag line.  

I am an admirer of FD and wish him all the very best as he continues to educate us. 

And going through the posts Frugal Dad listed as some of his more popular articles for 2008, I found this gem, on teaching an eight year old about compounding interest. (I have already kicked myself for having missed this so very relevant post earlier.)  

Steve has some piercing analysis and sound advice for the rats still in the rat race. Do you like your job but hate your career? Or do you like your career but hate your job? Or do you hate both? I would have benefited from this post a whole lot more if I had read it about 20 years ago.  

Jacquelyn writes about how to encourage children to read. I love books and have a mini library at home. The children don’t seem to have picked up the habit though. TV or the Net wins hands down anytime. I wonder if I can still set this right. 

Apanama, a Malaysian socio political blogger has chosen the Malaysian Turkeys of the Year 2008. I think that this must really have been a very tough race as I can offhand think of about 3 or 4 others (politicians, of course), who would have given the winners a run for their money.   

LOD quotes a grim forecast by a former Russian KGB analyst, Dr. Panarin who predicts that the US would collapse by 2010, a mere year away. None of the commenters seem to agree with Dr. Panarin. Still, it is most interesting that this forecast was made way back in 1997!!! 

Still on predictions. The coming Year of the Ox which as per the Chinese calender comes around every 12 years allegedly does not bode well for Asian stock markets and economies. Perhaps this is because the last 3 Ox years, i.e. 1997, 1985 and 1973 were painful ones. Three out of the thousands of Ox years behind us cannot be used to come to a credible conclusion, can it?

I participated in the Carnival of Financial Goals which was hosted by the founder, Patrick at Cash Money Life. I particularly enjoyed Shaun Connell’s “The pursuit of Financial Happiness”. This Carnival features a lot of stories on goals and related stuff and I have bookmarked the site to go through the articles carefully.

Well, this is it for this week. Let’s all laugh a lot, work hard, play hard and God Willing, 2009 should be a good year.

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One Comment for “Links – The Everything is Possible Edition”

by mamadou
On January 13, 2009
At 2:49 pm

Assalamu’alaikum Pak Fathersez

First of all thanks for your compliments. I think ‘bisa diatur’ or ‘pas de problems’ are very positive looking forward answer or statement. In certain way we are not accustomed to this kind statement that may lead to embarrassment for not able to fulfill the promise. However in most part of the world, responding in positive statement like part of their culture. The listener would pleasant to have that kind answer rather that negatively replied. From here its may proceed to further in any dealing in cordial manner.

What a wonderful world

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