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Links – The National Monument of Malaysia Edition

Saturday April 18th, 2009 by fathersez


Our National Monument. A shot taken from Google 

Our National Monument or Tugu Negara, as we call it is a sculpture that commemorates those who died in  our struggle for freedom, principally against the Japanese occupation during WW2 and the Malayan Emergency.It is located in our Federal capital, Kuala Lumpur near the National Parliament.

The monument, sculpted in 1966 by Austrian Felix de Weldon, is 15 metres tall and  depicts a group of  soldiers holding the Malaysian national flag, Each of the bronze figures symbolizes leadership, suffering, unity, vigilance, strength, courage and sacrifice.The site is not far from the National Mosque and the Lake Gardens.  

On to other posts that caught my fancy: 

I liked this post by GLBL on getting our own back on the credit card companies. Unfortunately this calls for us to be financially well informed and responsible. I am sure the credit card companies know that they still have a huge pool of “prospects.”   

Frugal Dad wrote a piece on his family’s Budget Committee Meetings. He holds it monthly with his wife as the other part of the compulsory quorum. This is quite a neat idea. My family has Family Meetings with the children also attending. Our next Family Meeting is overdue. With the two elder girls being away from home almost all the time it’s becoming a little tough to schedule the meeting.    

Mrs. Micah wrote about the sunk cost fallacy. Sometimes our basic instincts make us throw more good money after bad. Her examples are those at the individual level, but this lesson also serves equally well at higher and larger levels…..companies and even countries. There are plenty of voices that say that bailing out the huge financial giants is just throwing good money after bad.

The SFD tells us that car repairs and servicing will be guaranteed by the US Government if GM or Chrysler goes bankrupt. These may be noble intentions, but I suspect that there will a massive rip off of Government funds from this loophole.

Jacquelyn writes about parents having exam jitters. It is true. Asians are so competitive and the kids’ exam results are something that is endlessly boasted about. I have the same jitters too. My greatest fear is that the school system will classify those who don’t do well as failures and take pains to reinforce that message. I don’t want my children to be trappped in this minefield.  

Michael has come up with a neat dashboard of the major markets. He can see the trends as the markets open one by one, giving him an idea of how the Malaysian markets would open. This should be a great tool for all those traders out there. 

It seems that the US Mint would stop production of pennies from 1st April 2011. Malaysia phased out the 1 sen coin recently. Transactions are now rounded up to the nearest 5 sen. My wife used to keep the 1 sen that she got as change from supermarkets and used them to pay our electricity and water bills. Now we pay our electricity bills by credit card whilst the Waterworks still only accepts cash. (Incidentally the US example was an April Fools prank by Patrick! And I fell for it hook, line and sinker!) 

The 5XMom writes her thoughts as she picks up her son from kindergarten. She has quite some colourful expressions of her feelings as she is subjected to the idiosyncrasies of the other “pick uppers”. Hey, Mom, It’s not only moms, dads also pick up their kids. Wait till your son enters school, then you have to deal with a 100 more such drivers and pick uppers….hehe. But tell me truthfully, doesn’t the joyful chatter and laughter of the kids as they rush out of school make it all feel so worthwhile?   

Brooke has submitted an appeal for a reduction in her property taxes. FMF wrote about his experience on the same matter recently…with presentations on the rates, history, comparable property prices and the like. FMF said the Government mostly won. Let’s hope Brooke has a more generous assessor.     

Jaimie writes about the “Battling the I want syndrome”. Yes, it has to do with their 4 year old child who is now getting exposed to the Joneses of his age. We are going through 5 children, and thank God, this nasty syndrome has somehow been controlled.  

This is it for the week, folks. Have a great, productive and happy weekend!

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One Comment for “Links – The National Monument of Malaysia Edition”

by Brooke
On April 20, 2009
At 9:20 pm

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! I hope I have a generous (or maybe I’m looking for the opposite of generous here???) home assessor too!

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