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Links – The National Park of Malaysia Edition

Saturday April 25th, 2009 by fathersez


One of the more serene stretch of rivers in Taman Negara. They also have some rapids, though the more adventurous may find them tame. The water is clean and I remember drinking it quite happily.


One of the bigger trees in Taman Negara. The biggest tree I have ever seen was in Taman Negara, quite possibly this one.

I took both these photos off Google.

Our National Park, or Taman Negara covers an area of about 4300 sq. kilometres. The forests are also amongst the oldest forests in the world, dating back some 130 million years. Originally named as King George the Vth National Park, it got its new name after Malaysia’s independence from Britain in 1957.  

Lonely Planet has quite a write up here. 

I have visited Taman Negara only once so far, and that was more than 20 years ago. It was an office gang trip, led by my most adventurous friend, who also got his nick name, Rambo, during this trip. Though I was already married, my wife did not come with me. I think she was expecting our second child, Azah, then.  

(Rambo is still as adventurous as ever, now cycling all over Malaysian and other countries in South East Asia and blogging about his exploits. His last major trip was a 14 day cycling trip in Sulawesi.)

The highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, Gunung Tahan, (2187m) is also in Taman Negara. I have not attempted to climb this mountain though. I suppose there must be many changes since then. It would be great to go there again with my whole family.  

On to other interesting reads; 

Ladies, especially those in the working sector, are quite heavily pressured on spending lots on make up, hair dos, spa treatments and the like. We have 4 girls in the family. I must try to educate them on the natural and so much cheaper remedies that are available.  

Ron writes that the FTC is looking into making guidelines to hold companies responsible for untruthful product testimonials by bloggers and users of social networking sites. Tongue in cheek he adds that he is going to be a lot more careful about mentioning any book he has read or recommending a restaurant. In Malaysia, the situation is a whole lot different. I think you’ll have less trouble talking about arsenic being good for your health than if you write about political views. 

Jeff writes about how miscommunication, by presuming can cause misunderstanding. We have all been given two ears and one mouth for good reason. Still, I would bet that all of us have made this mistake a few times. I know I have, at least more times than I can count, in fact.  

Plonkee wrote about the various tugs and pulls that will come whenever we plan anything that may involve others, in this case a wedding. It may be tough not to abide by the many, many opionions, often conflicting, that would be given. Most of them given with the best of intentions.  I agree with what she says. Ultimately we’ll have to prioritise and do what we can with what we have. 

Trent asks us if we can live without that service or thingamajig that we pay for monthly. He cut Netflix when he was looking for ways to put more money into paying off debt. And his life went on as merrily as before. We had the same predicament, when we cancelled our cable TV. My wife and I thought that the kids would raise a hue and cry. Much to our surprise, (it has been more than a year now), it was hardly missed.  

Mrs. M asks us about our personal financial stories. She details quite an outline about hers and Mr. M’s, the similarities and the differences.  I particularly liked her advice, in fact insistence, that couples should talk about their individual financial situations before they get married. This matter is quite important to me, as our two elder girls should be walking this path the next few years. I have wondered about how I should go about talking / advising about this to them. Maybe I should just blog about this.  (And hope they read the post!)

Preet asks a very thought provoking question. Should we cut our children’s allowances in this recession? This thought has never crossed my mind, till now. My children know I am unemployed, and whilst the reduction in income has not been openly discussed, now might be a good time. At the very least, as Preet points out, the invincibility mentality of my kids might be given a reality check. I must think this over very carefully.       

This is it for the week, folks. Have a great, productive and happy weekend!

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2 Comments for “Links – The National Park of Malaysia Edition”

On April 26, 2009
At 10:39 pm

Thanks for the link!

On April 27, 2009
At 6:51 am

I think it’d be very useful for your daughters to talk finances before marriage. Made a huge difference to me to know, not just Micah’s balance sheet but also his story and his family’s story. The hard part is finding someone who doesn’t feel that finances should only be private–some people are raised with a great deal of discomfort talking money. Of course, that in itself tells you something about their financial history, but it’s not too useful.

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