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Links – the S. Jayasankaran Edition

Saturday January 17th, 2009 by fathersez

Jaya is one of the rare breed of writers who can make the well chosen words jump out of the paper upon which they are written and narrate the story to you. And he speaks much the same way. Full of wit, well placed jokes and with a colourful choice of words that are worthy of a AAA Grade wordsmith and storyteller. 

Though trained as a biochemist, he spent very little of his working life in this field. He has been in the journalistic world, including a long stint with Dow Jones, for as long as I can remember. Presently he is the bureau chief of Singapore’s Business Times in Malaysia.

He also writes a weekly column in a Malaysian daily. Here I am listing just two of his recent articles that made me laugh out loud. 

i. This one is about the growing tendency for Malaysians to get a name worldwide as counterfeiters.  

ii. And this one is a light hearted poke at the one thing one of our elected representatives figured should be aired in our Parliament. This article was picked up by one of Malaysia’s heaviest hitting socio-political blogs.    

Onto the other interesting articles I found in my reader.  

Adam Khoo, a Singaporean author and a peak performance trainer, asks “How much would we sell 10 years of our life for?” Read why he asks this telling question.  

The CrackerJack Greenback writes about the benefits of premarital counselling. Couples in love often forget to discuss many important things in life. Having a structured discussion with a trained counsellor mediating helps the couple in understanding each other better so as to have common goals in life. This is something that is quite commonly done in Malaysia though I have sometimes thought that it seemed a little too commercial. I hope my children will go through this kind of counselling when they decide to tie the knot.  

The Malaysian Life has an interesting post on password selection. He provides links to Stanford University’s guide to selecting a good password and another to a site which outlines how your passwords can be hacked. A must read, I must say. 

Shaun warns us that inflation is inevitable. He gives his reasons and promises to write about what we should do to protect ourselves.  

This is all for now. Have a great and happiness filled weekend, folks. 

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