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Links – The Shorter Work Week for Malaysians Edition

Saturday January 31st, 2009 by fathersez

It seems the Malaysian Government has agreed with a suggestion to institute shorter work weeks to counter the possibility of job losses. This move, whilst reducing the take home pay of the affected workers at least keeps them in their jobs.  

So far the Government has come up with announcements on 2 stimulus packages. Though I have yet to find the full details. I hope the leaders have the right planners to steer us through these rough times.  

Listed below are some of the blog posts I found worthy of sharing with you. 

The CFO asks is buying a house jointly before marriage a good idea? As she says, it depends. Still I wonder if people who seem not ready to make a marriage commitment could be ready to make this “usually the biggest purchase of our lives” commitment jointly. 

MDJ gives 6 reasons why a recession can be a good thing. Yes, every cloud does have a silver lining. These 6 reasons may not apply for everyone, though.  

NCN wrote a good piece on 5 methods of reducing debt. I follow the debt snowball method (though I did not know this was the term applied till I started reading pf blogs.)We did a massive reduction of loans in 2008 when we sold one of our properties. It’s back to steady whittling down of loans this year. 

PaidTwice suffered a recent tragedy. Her father passed away and he was the principal finance manager in the household. Despite the deep emotional grief she must be going through, PT is also wondering about the steps she has to take to get back the family back to an even keel on financial management. I am also the principal finance manager in my family. This post has made me wonder (yet again) about what I should do now to ensure that my family is not thrown into confusion if something untoward were to happen to me.  

One of FMF’s readers asks a question. Should he take advantage (a little deviously, perhaps) of the relief, banks were giving their customers who could not pay their instalments?  I think it is a question of integrity and the reader would have to make his choice and live with it. I have very high regards for this reader, as a person without integrity would never have asked this question in the first place. 

This is all for the week, folks. Have a great weekend.

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