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Links – The Stimulus Package for Malaysians Edition

Saturday March 14th, 2009 by fathersez

On the 10th March, the Deputy Prime Minister cum Finance Minister announced the long awaited 2nd stimulus package for Malaysia. We have dithered for quite a while under the impression that we were “more insulated” against the worldwide economic turmoil. 

The sums bandied about are huge by Malaysian standards. Well, we are going into deficit, on the basis of “let’s live first and resolve our deficit later”, a formula that should be followed by many other countries. 

I only pray that the announced packages are spent with integrity and not wasted away on some useless harebrained projects that enrich a few.  

Moving on to other interesting reads from my reader:  

Ron points out the “real reasons” why State and County governments may be short of cash. And he has suggested good solutions. Solutions that I wholeheartedly agree with. Wonder how things would change if people like Ron were the overwhelming majority in Government! I am sure it would be for the better….far, far better.

David discusses the reaction to schools offering cheese sandwiches to kids whose parents did not pay their lunch tab. I suppose in these harsh economic times, there may be some who can barely make ends meet. Even for these people, I cannot understand why there should be complaints if the kids do get fed.  

LOD writes about the median prices of homes in Detroit now reaching USD7,500. Sounds really cheap! Well, the market is usually well informed. Is there a reason why house prices are falling so low? Other than the normal downward pressure due to foreclosures and the like. 

We have developments like this in Malaysia. Townships built and sold and now lying empty…..just like a ghost town. Somehow the township never attracted a population, and the few who came left after a while. Yes, the houses are cheap and have been cheap for more than 10 years or so now. Yet, there have been no takers.  

David is looking at the possibility and the savings that could be racked up if he carried his own trash to the landfill rather than using the local contractor. He lives not too far from the landfill and his household’s trash generation rate is very low. Perhaps if he joined hands with a couple of his neighbours, the savings might really add up. 

Ishita Gupta of the Samba Team reassures those of us who feel fear when we set our goals and get to work on achieving them. He says that this fear is good, as it shows that we are actually getting nearer to the truth. The issue is that, this time, we have to overcome the fear.

Read about what an Alabama pharmacist did to create a local stimulus package. I love news like this, makes me feel much better than all those “hats in hand and lining outside the doors of Washington” kind of talk.

The CHO gives us an example of how one great guy steered a company through a rough recession, without laying off a single employee. If only there were more of the visionary Wim Roelandts around. 

Well, this is it for the week folks. Have a very happy and productive weekend.

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