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Links – the Thaipusam Edition

Saturday February 7th, 2009 by fathersez


A kavadi bearer. Note the steel rods that pierce his body. He has to carry the kavadi quite a distance. The Malaysian Batu Caves temple has over 200 odd steps that he also has to climb!

Picture Credit: Google

Thaipusam, a Hindu festival falls on the 8th February. This festival which is held yearly features one of the stranger phenomena of faith, the carrying of the kavadi. 

Science has yet to come up with an explanation on how the kavadi carrying devotees can seemingly routinely go through such physical bodily hardship. I suppose there is truth in the fact faith can resolve almost anything and everything. 

The Fathersez family wishes all our Hindu readers and friends a very Happy Thaipusam.  

Some of the posts I read and that I thought I should share with my readers: 

Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity urges us to spend our credit card points before the credit card companies make them worth less. I have quite some points accumulated. A friend has advised me to just transfer them to my FF account with our national carrier. I have to work on this soon. 

RocketC gives his views on why Government stimulus packages may not work. One very telling point he has quoted is that “a tax cut’s multiplier effect is 3 times more effective than a Government spending multiplier”. Hmm…..all I can say is that at least the US Government seems to be trying. I cannot say, with certainty, the same about my “beloved” Government. 

MoneyNing announces the secret of dealing with this financial crisis. I think this post makes good sense and is an excellent read. The graphics are worth a thousand words, that’s for sure. 

Dividends4Life introduces his new blog, Dividends Value. D4L was one of the first blogs that I have followed. Although almost every single one of the companies featured is not quoted in my country, I still find his analysis interesting and useful. I wish D4L all the very best in his launch. I am sure Dividends Value will continue to provide good value to his readers.  

Looks like a lot is being written about the day when Google made a mistake. I also got the message “this site may harm your computer” when I did a search, but I never ever thought that it might be Google who was wrong. Rather I thought it must have been some virus or malware on my laptop and spent time scanning my drives. So gazillion dollar companies also do make mistakes.

David at Pimp your Finances hosted the Carnival of Financial Goals this week. As music is one his motivating tools he used music as his theme. David must be a great guy, after all he is a fan of the Beatles. Thanks for including my article, David.   

That’s it for this week, folks. Have a great weekend.

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4 Comments for “Links – the Thaipusam Edition”

On February 7, 2009
At 8:43 am

Fathersez: Thank you for your kind words. We both share a love for our kids and a desire to see them succeed.

Best Wishes,

by David
On February 7, 2009
At 11:42 am

Thanks for the link!

I’m glad you liked the carnival, and even more glad that you like the Beatles.

by rocketc
On February 8, 2009
At 1:18 am

Thanks for the link! Our government is trying to take control of more and more of the economy under the guise of “stimulus”.

On February 8, 2009
At 2:10 am

Hi, guys,

All of you are most welcome. Have a great weekend. I am going off to Sabah for the next few days.

Best regards

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