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Links – the Valentine Day’s, nope, Kenny Sia’s Edition

Saturday February 14th, 2009 by fathersez

Today may be Valentine’s Day. Still I think we should celebrate Kenny Sia today rather than St. Valentine. Kenny, one of, if not Malaysia’s most popular bloggers, shaved his head bald to raise money for the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society and raised a whopping    RM 65,325.01. I think Kenny has done all Malaysians proud. So doesn’t it make sense celebrating Kenny’s efforts today.   

 On to the other posts I enjoyed,  

Jeff over at the Supercharged Life pays a tribute to the good Samaritans of this world. Regular citizens who step up to the plate to help other humans in need without being asked and without any expectations of reward. I am sure everyone of us have either personally experienced some help from some stranger or know someone who has. Let’s all join Jeff in appreciating the good Samaritans of this world. The world needs more of them!!  

Patrick over at CML has just made a major announcement. He is going to be a daddy soon. I am sure that though he may be having some of the doubts of any first time parent, both he and his missus will turn out to be first rate parents. Congratulations again, Patrick.   

Wise Bread writes about the possible shadiness of Cash4Gold’s operations. I have not come across or heard about any such operation in Malaysia. However Malaysians are quick to replicate any scams and I would take a wager that a Cash4Gold clone will be set up in Malaysia quite soon. After all, it seems a classic front for fencing activities, and don’t we all know that the shady people are quite clever. 

Here in Malaysia, we often see advertisements pasted on walls and electric poles about people who would buy pawnshop tickets. And offer the best price, they say. If pawnshops already offer below the appraised value, wonder just how much these people pay. More woes for the uninformed! 

MMND is having a series on how she became a millionaire. What really clicks with me is that she is able to reveal the sources of her wealth with dignity and pride. This statement is included in our family mission statement on the issue of money and wealth.  Mommy’s story is worth reading. My elder two daughters are now at the age when the Mommy started raking in the bucks through hard work, creativity and determination. I am sure they’ll (as I ) find a lot of inspiration and possibly an idea click from MMND’s story.  

GRS finds himself asking “what’s next?” He is already at a stage many of us are striving for, so this is a very logical question for him to ask himself. I am far below him in the hierarchy of needs, so I am not qualified to give him an answer. Some of you might be, though.  

This is it for the week, folks. Have a great happy and productive weekend! 

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One Comment for “Links – the Valentine Day’s, nope, Kenny Sia’s Edition”

by Patrick
On February 14, 2009
At 10:49 am

Thank you very much, fathersez. My wife and I are both very excited to be bringing a new life into the world. :)

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