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Links – The Week Malaysia threw its Constitution Away Edition

Saturday March 7th, 2009 by fathersez

People are being increasingly disillusioned by the antics of their elected politicians. Some politicians, on the other hand, with the vast array of resources and powers under their control, seem bent on preserving their positions, sometimes at the risk of grave consequences for the very country they claim to govern. 

Malaysia has just witnessed another of such antics. The Malaysian Insider, a popular online news portal asks if the Malaysian public will ever forget the day the Constitution was pushed aside. 

My blog has nothing to do with politics. But I must ask myself if I can really do my best to provide the best for my children if I were not to do my part to get rid of such shady politicians. For the time being, I can only answer with all certainty that:- 

a)    I cannot sit quietly aside while the politicians push aside the very legislation governing our country,  

b)    I will start updating my family, especially our children on what good government is and how our country is deviating more and more from the path of good governance and 

c)     What we can do to prevent such shenanigans. 

On to the other interesting blog posts that I read,  

GetRichSlick is being advised to start his own farm so as to be able to feed himself and family when the economic apocalypse hits. He seems to prefer gold. Let’s see how events unfold.  

Brip Blap is packing his books, bags and luggage and moving. He has sold his house and now seems to be going location independent. His previous shifts from Jersey to NY to Germany to Russia (not in this order, though) was probably before he had his precious Little Buddy and Pumpkin. At least the kids are young and should be easily able to adapt. I wish him all the best in this new phase of his life. 

Brian Clark is all for free markets. And he makes a very compelling argument for it. If he considers the US a country to flee from, I wonder just what he would say about Malaysia, which is, ummm…not even in the top 40 of the Index of Economic Freedom list! 

Jeff encourages us to unleash our full potential and not live a life of following the path of least resistance. This post resonates so much with the advice a dear friend gave me recently. “In this depressing economic environment, many of us are going to be in the “do or die”, predicament. For those of us without any fall back plans, this is the time. The time to go all the way and no turning back”. We’ll have no choice but to unleash our full potential! 

KC Lau explains a game, iMafia, that he plays on his iPhone. It appears that the game teaches strategy, allocation of resources and timing on wealth accumulation. Perhaps the name, iMafia and the methods of the game, such as robbery, smuggling and fighting may not be the best choice for all.  Still for the video and the mobile game generation, iMafia may turn out to be the equivalent of my generation’s Monopoly. 

Bomohs, the Malaysian equivalent of shamans are big business in Malaysia. And apparently, according to The Malaysian Life, someone has started an online school for bomohs. And at only RM 30 a module. One thing for sure, a bomoh’s livelihood is not threatened by recession or any other economic downturn. I suspect the school’s servers are going to crash with the response. Pity the ML did not list the URL. I might have applied. 

Readers Digest, one of my all time favourite magazines may be going under it seems. What a pity. If this is true, then it looks like the art of book reading may be behind us.  

That’s it for this week, folks. Have a great, happy and productive week!

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