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MLM – a way out for those wanting to make a change in their lives

Wednesday February 18th, 2009 by fathersez

There was a time when admitting to being an insurance salesman was a little shameful. This was despite the fact that insurance products were complicated and a very important  part of a person’s financial life. The industry has sort of rebranded and now insurance agents are better accepted as Financial Planners and such. There is also more regulation in the appointment of insurance agents etc. 

Not so for MLM. 

There is so much negative stuff written about MLM that most MLM’ers prefer not to admit their participation in the industry. I am quite surprised.  

I think that MLM is one of the best distribution and marketing channels any company can think of.  If not the best.  

Every business needs:

- to sell a product or service for which there is compelling demand and at a price that is competitive,   

- a set up to produce or make the product or the service, 

- a set up to distribute and deliver the product or service, 

- a set up to coordinate all these. 

These days there are many variations to all these, outsourcing, insourcing, internet marketing etc. MLM is just one of the ways to handle the task of distribution and delivery.  

So how did the MLM industry get tainted with such a bad image? I suppose it may because of some of those ne’re do wells who used the powerful MLM marketing/delivery system for their own shady intentions and along the way fleeced the distributors who had signed up. 

Well, these ne’re do wells and serial conmen exist in every industry and in almost all Governments. We don’t have to brand every MLM company as a con job just because of some previous bad experience or experiences.  

We are now living in dangerous and highly uncertain economic times. Whilst all of us should tighten our belts, we should not ignore the other side of the equation of increasing our income.  

And one way, say what you will, is MLM. 

And no matter what company you work for or own, if there is no compelling product or service to sell at a competitive price, that company is doomed anyway.  So if you are looking for a change in your fortunes, please add MLM to your list of options. But remember to do your homework well. After all, you are about to embark on your very own small business, that does not have many of the disadvantages of traditional small businesses. Here is one guide to help you choose if that particular opportunity is the one for you

I leave you here with one possible MLM opportunity, in which my wife and I have a vested interest.   

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4 Comments for “MLM – a way out for those wanting to make a change in their lives”

by mtsen
On February 19, 2009
At 9:52 am

actually almost all business is MLM, insurance and mutual fund marketing channels typically have 3 levels, so they are MLM too. Most of the trading business go through 4-8 levels of distribution, so its multi level too. the ‘impression’ of ‘bad’ MLM is just like people thinking poorly on insurance and mutual funds back then, its just a cycle of society growth on something ‘new’. eventually all these become ‘part’ of the society.

On February 19, 2009
At 2:10 pm

Hi, mtsen,

You are right. The part about MLM that people get turned off is the recruiting part, where one sponsors another who in turn sponsors others.

Still I am completely of the view that MLM is the way to go.


On February 26, 2009
At 4:37 pm

I agree with the MLM theory. I am currently running two different companies, one that is a web site design/development firm, the other is a MLM for enlyten.

My biggest gripes about MLM is that most of the products do not work or are far too expensive. So if you can find a product that fits your life style and truly believe in it, MLM should be simple.

I take the same approach for both of my businesses, but have found it is more difficult to get people to latch onto the MLM concept. Mainly because of the negative outlook mentioned by fathersez.

On February 26, 2009
At 5:38 pm

Hi, EnlytenRep,

Thanks for dropping by. Like you also recognise no business can be sustained with a product that does not work or is too expensive.

Unfortunately the MLM industry seems to have more than it’s share of ne’re do wells. Otherwise it should already be recognised for the great model it actually is.


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