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My children’s goals for 2009

Monday January 5th, 2009 by fathersez

Last week, I posted about how my children fared for the goals they set in 2008.  

For 2009, all my 5 children have written up their respective goals. The two elder girls have written theirs in their laptops (like I do) whilst the younger children have their own little goal books. 

The elder girls want to keep their goals private. I have been allowed in only on their financial and career goals. I plan to discuss their progress with them periodically as their goal buddy. 

The younger three are also feeling uncomfortable with too much disclosure of their goals on this blog. Our youngest girl, Ain, has given me approval to list some details of her educational and financial goals. 

Ain has drawn up a total of 5 goals. Two for her studies, one for health matters and the last two for finance, the details of some of which are listed here.  For her studies she has to:  

a)  Do her English writing and reading weekly, without fighting with Papa. 

This is a project which we have been doing since 2007 or so. The Malaysian school system is in Bahasa Malaysia and the kids come out of school with very poor English. I think the Government is doing the children a terrible disservice in these global times. I want to do my part in making my children more proficient in English. Weekly writing and reading may not be enough, still it is a world better than what they are getting in school. Maybe next year I might think about other forms of English language classes.  The fighting with Papa has been inserted since, as you may guess, each week there has to be some pushing before this gets done.  

b)  School Grades 

She has taken upon herself a goal of achieving a grade of being in the top 3 in her class, in every test and exam during the 2009 school year. She has also a plan on how to reach this goal.  

For finance, she has to keep very good accounts of her allowance and secondly she has to save at least RM 300 by the 31st of December 2009 

Nana, our 14 year old 4th girl’s goals are a little more elaborate. She has listed a total of 9 goals. One for her education, 2 for her health, 2 for religion, 2 for finance and 2 under her social skills.  

Our only son, Abang, who escaped doing his goals for 2008, has also done his for 2009. Abang has a total of 16 goals for 2009. This may be a little too many, but let’s just see how this goes. He has one goal listed under Community (after all, our family Mission Statement calls for our family to be respectful and respected members of the community we live in.) He also has two goals listed under Family. 

I mentioned last week, that the accounts books of the three younger ones did not balance. The physical cash balances in their piggy banks were quite a bit less than what they should have per their accounts. This was for the 3 of them! 

So this year, I plan to implement some changes. Each time, I give them their allowance, I shall do a cash count together with them, take away their extra cash and give them an IOU. These IOUs would be cashed from me when they bank in their savings twice yearly.

I have to discuss this new system with them when they receive their February allowances.  

Not all the goals set meet all the SMART requirements. Some of the “goals” are more akin to practicing and forming good habits that we want them to cultivate. Like keeping their rooms tip top. Or like washing their school shoes without being told.   

I take the view that the children now have something to aim for and are doing something about reaching the aimed for target. 

This alone is more than good enough for me.        

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by Playerbattle
On December 6, 2009
At 7:43 am

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