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My family’s agricultural bonds – an update

Monday January 12th, 2009 by fathersez

I have written about my investments in gaharu trees or Aquilaria malaccensis, for the more scientifically inclined. 

The tiny tots that we bought in June 08 had grown a bit by August, so we attempted to transfer the trees to bigger polybags. The plan was to let the trees grow to about 4’ high or so and then transplant them in our rubber smallholding.


The gaharu tissue cultured seedlings that we bought from FRIM. The picture was taken in June 08. 


After 2 months in our nursery, before the polybag “transfer exercise”.

Alas, this transfer process was an unmitigated disaster. Out of the 100 tissue cultured tiny tots purchased from FRIM, only about 25 survived our transfer process. Since then I have been told that the polybags that I thought were too small would have handled the trees until they grew to about 2’ or so. Whilst this was a setback, it has not swerved us from continuing our journey into gaharu. 

We have bought another 150 trees, this time about 2 feet in height. These were bought from a private tissue culture farm and cost us about RM 1,000 in total. 24 of these trees will be planted in the rubber smallholding this coming week and we’ll check the survival rate before planting the rest. 

If the survival rate works out for the 150 trees, the next plan is to increase the 150 to 1,500 trees.  The trees do not need much tending to after they have grown for a couple of years. I saw some approximately 5 year old trees in FRIM where some of them were being “innoculated” for the trees to generate the resins. 


5 year old trees in FRIM


The trees being “innoculated”. 6 ” deep holes have to be drilled in a spiral round the tree and a type of virus innoculated through the holes. This was gathered from just casual conversation. I still have some time to find out the details. 

My faith that this investment is a lucrative deeply discounted bond still holds. God Willing, in eight - ten years, the Fathersez family will be able to cash in on these bonds and roll in the mullah!!!


The pictures shown of the “innoculation” and the 5 year old trees were taken by Ms. Naa, a young Ghanaian lady who was on attachment or secondment to FRIM. I was very happy to meet someone from Ghana, the country which holds such good memories for me.

I hope her stay in Malaysia was as enjoyable and pleasant as mine was in Ghana. 

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